Motorola Edge | Unboxing & Full Tour

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Unboxing the Motorola Edge flagship phone, complete with a full tour of the specs, camera tech, stock Android setup and other bits. This is the best handset in Motorola’s 2020 smartphone line-up, offering a premium experience for £549 in the UK. Here’s my first impressions of the Edge ahead of my full review.

While the Motorola Edge doesn’t boast the super-specced hardware of the Plus model, you get decent gaming performance thanks to the SD765 platform. 5G support is present and correct and the triple-lens rear camera offers plenty of smart features. You can shoot 64MP photos and 4K video, while there’s also a telephoto lens and Ultra-Wide option.

Battery life will hopefully hold up well, but check back for my review of the Motorola Edge to see if it really is among the best flagship phones of 2020. I do like that punchy display and sleek design too, even if the back end is plastic. And so, so very dark.

If you want to see the rest of Moto’s mobile line-up check out my pick of the greatest Motorola handsets you can buy right now.


Armin Sanjana says:

Love this phone ,fits the budget as well.. way to go Motorola 💕

tashielle chambres says:

Where do you get your wallpapers

Shilvio D. Linton says:

I'm a simple man. Headphone jack, no notch, no pimple.


Will you review the Motolora edge+(plus) ?

Jord says:

A flagship for £550 sounds right 👍

craig smith says:

That doll is creepy as shit 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Alditama Rachman says:

Sadly this phone will not sell officially in my country 🙁

neai aoidan says:

The Edge Plus is the flagship. Not this

Dene. F. says:

'smudge magnet'! Wasn't that a comic I used to get in the late 80's, early 90's?

Dene. F. says:

Don't fill tour me a phone I can't get!

dinozaur pickupline says:

I m going to only buy 12gb dddr5 phone after long analysis

dinozaur pickupline says:

720g 765 we need in depth comparisons

Gooch1989 says:

I tried to subscribe like four times now every time I come back to your page I'm not subscribed…

David Chan says:

Moto Edge here we are it's really great return to the flagship area

usman abdulkadir says:

Great unboxing and hands on review as always stay safe 👍

Johny Goodman says:

Damn, what a beast!

Khizer Ali says:

I was waiting for this..thank for the video.

Soul 2611 says:

Geordie accent in the house? !!

Zane Thind says:

Man seriously Chris where do u get those frickin awesome Wallpapers seriously?

Ryan McCarthy says:

4:20 Plastic back ❌
Plastic arse end ✔️

2chap says:

Lovely jobly.

Zaki Faez says:

Could you please do a 1 year after on the Honor 20 pro ?

Chirag Malhotra says:

Wallpaper application?

Peter Foster says:

This one felt just a little rush today … very frenetic vibe 🙂 #lockdownhitting ?

kurt bamz says:

i hate companies copying samsung design its look good but fragile and slippery to hold good luck on finding screen protector on it

Rishiraj Sinha says:

How much is the price difference compared to EDGE + ?

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