Motorola Edge+ camera review

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With the Edge+, Motorola fans finally have a no-holds-barred premium option. The phone’s main camera captures highly detailed photos with low noise. Dynamic range is not as good as the best, but not bad, and despite some color saturation issues, few users should be disappointed with it.

The phone’s sub-scores in zoom and bokeh drag the overall score below what we expect from a current flagship phone with premium pricing.

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Goutham Lykan says:

Sony Xperia 1 Mark 2 review

David Martrano says:

I've been a Moto fan for the last 8yrs. After a gudzillion reviews & videos about the edge+ they still can't compete with the top 🐕's? The 📷 has always been it's achilles heel. They always stated much improved 📷's, they just ain't. To me, a 5th place 📷 ain't gonna cut it for a g-whizz! Just saying?

Vr. COOLAGA says:

Купленная помойка

kiran rathod says:

What we think dxo mark will release Xperia 1 mark 2
Huawei mate 40 plus
One plus 8 pro
What they release moto edge plus review.

Sanjeev Kumar says:

Photos clearly show very poor quality but still managed to get over 100+ rating and it's above110 ….That's totally false…I think money divert the results..Hahahaha ..
We Know DXomark…..

Santhosh Basri says:

Please review Sony experia mark 2 and samsung galaxy Note 10 lite.

VVSite says:

For me xiaomi wins 🙂

श्रीहट्ट শ্রীহট্ট says:

motorola no 1 smart phone brand

omar dbaa says:

Phone review sony xperia 1 mark ll

Zael Busta says:

Sony Xperia 1 Mark 2 camera review

Liam Reihwald says:

Why can the Edge record at 60 FPS but the Edge+ not?

Sai Neeli says:

Hi Dxo, thanks for the review, kindly also review Sony Xperia 1 II & OnePlus 8 pro please……

sunil khatri says:

I want sony experia 1 ii camera

Kasavubu Mobutu says:

when will you take the photo test of the one plus 8 pro, you take your time as you did with the s20 ultra even if it does not cost you anything to do it a little earlier.

Arsh Maan says:

sony xperia1 mark 2

Mohmmed Al_Agha says:

HUAWEI is the best 👍🔥

Melesa M says:

It's too less…. dXomark 113

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