Moto G8 Plus Camera Review | Best photos for sub-£250

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Reviewing Motorola’s Moto G8 Plus camera tech after a week of testing, with a close look at the best features, photo quality at day or night, video tests and more.

The Moto G8 Plus sports a fresh new 48MP primary lens with quad pixel tech, so you can capture sharp and bright looking pics even when indoors or in low light situations. The HDR smarts are good as well, while Motorola’s night mode really shines. So this really is one of the best camera phones of 2019 for under £250.

Things do fall apart a little bit for video, sadly. The Moto G8 Plus does boast the Action Cam mode from the One Action smartphone, which can shoot landscape video in portrait mode using the ultra wide angle lens. However there is some warping, while the primary lens tends to ‘pop’ as it attempts to focus.

Still, for your everyday photos, this Motorola blower definitely impresses. My full review of the G8 Plus is coming tomorrow so stay tuned for that one, and let me know what you think of this handset in the comments down below.


ビンガム says:

after weeks of research i keep coming back to the g8 plus as my next phone

Viljami Hyväri says:

What sub 220€ phone would you recommend getting in black friday if my priorities are in order from most important to least: Camera, Performance, Display and Battery life. Thank you

Mario Rafael says:

"Brexit" Mode haha

Hat off lab says:

Does this camera have manual settings for the shutter speed/focus/iso/etc in the video mode, especially 4K?

Hat off lab says:

Brexit photo mode ;D;D;D

Nik 0660 says:

Wow I recently went to lots of the places you showed haha

Farley 925 says:

I guess the 🇺🇸 isn't getting this phone 😕

Brett Cook says:

How does the camera on this compare to the Nokia 7.2 camera?

Innes Gordon says:

Great review this may be the phone to replace my wifes moto g4s

jktrain says:

Thanks! Suggestion to link all your related videos in the description; had to search for this one!

Yoblaze Nonem says:

How's the time lapse and slo no performance

Sanvi Enterprises says:

Sir how to enable notification light on Moto G8 plus please make a video


Wich is better, g8 plus or Samsung A50?

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