Mirrorless vs. DSLR | Which Camera is Right for Me?

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Mirrorless vs. DSLR? This question harkens back to the days when photographers debated over film vs. digital. In this short video, photographer David Flores highlights the important components of each form factor and the advantages to using one over the other. See which system may be the right choice for you.

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Tyler Martin says:

I think I’ll stick with my 80d and get a Sony a7iii or the canon m6 in a few years

WhyteLis21 says:

In the end neither is better if you lack creativity behind the camera first. Lol.

Cygnus Orb says:

Well..I don't care about all that, I just care about a few things. Do my photos look good, can I use a remote, and am I able to record long video sessions. Sadly my Nikon can't use a remote…Frustrating.

rsuriyop says:

If "mirrorless is the future" from what I keep hearing then why are manufacturers still making DSLR's in 2019??

Dan Andreas says:

Quick, accurate and to the point. Thanks!

Joel Doxtator says:

We all know that the images can be comparable so that is a non factor. What is a factor though is usability and durability. If I miss a shot because of adverse conditions causing the camera to not function or the camera running out of battery power I don't get paid. In these respects DSLR's are still superior for the time being.

Weight is not a factor for anyone carrying around multiple long f2.8 lenses with them and a decent tripod. The trend towards mirrorless design only highlights how niche the true professional market is becoming. Weight and size is a non factor for anyone serious about photography. Pocket sized cameras are for scouting and grandma.

Roxane Akeem says:

Great information

yoichi franck says:

man, you are the best photographer I saw your review P1000

FITO Productions says:

nice conetent👍

Shikk hhi says:

You didn't even show an image comparisions 👎👎

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