Mirrorless Camera Comparison – Fujifilm X-H1 vs. Panasonic GH5 vs. Sony A7SII

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Fujifilm weighs into the space previously dominated by Panasonic and Sony. Can the Fujifilm X-H1 now contend with these two workhorses of mirrorless production?

Watch our full review of the new Fujifilm X-H1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5zSpZ1VT3s

Fujifilm X-H1 – https://www.vistek.ca/store/422789/fuji-fujifilm-xh1-mirrorless-body

Panasonic GH5 – https://www.vistek.ca/store/412810/panasonic-lumix-dcgh5-mirrorless-body

Sony A7SII – https://www.vistek.ca/store/281708/sony-alpha-a7sii-mirrorless-body


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Pulse Review says:

Great video, we're looking to upgrade our camera setup to 4k and I'm thinking of one of these 3 cameras. Perfect review vid for me!

Steven Rice says:

Great review, I just wish you had of under exposed the log footage a couple of stops to test the to see which codecs could be pushed the most in the process of preserving the highlights and maintaining skin tones.

Photographic elements says:

Great video! Exactly what I needed to know. Yes, by all means, more videos like this in the future. Would love a comparison of hybrid cameras: Fuji XH1 vs Sony a7iii (also address the issue of the footage stretching vertically). It seems like for productions, you need 2 cameras, a7sii and a7riii for gimbal work; GH5 for stabilized shots and GH5s for low-light & shots in moving vehicles.

Leroy Grégory says:

Nice vide, What's your conclusion for the 120fps test?

Haoming Lu says:

This channel definitely deserves more subscriber!

Armand D says:

You forgot to mention that the XH1 doesn't do 4k at 60fps. That can be a real deal breaker for some people

eL banaag says:

what about a7-iii? it has both great iso performance and a 24mp camera.. priced at $2000 along with XH1 🙂 AF is also fast like a7Riii and got battery life of A9.. also has 10fps burst..

Predictable Enigma says:

I'm looking for a camera as an event shooter. I definately know that the GH5 isn't it now! Been torn between XH1 and A7Sii for a while now. I have a question though. How is the battery life when shooting video all day on these?

Wolfgang U. says:

do you remember if you use dr400% with the Eterna simulation in the hypergammas test? Because dynamic range looks very good, but Fuji claims, that this setting will increase it by another 2 stops

iamWing says:

What lens did you use with the XH-1? I learnt that using different lenses on the XH-1 will result in having different stops of stabilisation.

realitytunnel says:

Needed to be the GH5s to compare to A7sii (less so X-H1) as they would both be specialised video bodies. Either that or slant the test the other way and make it A7riii/GH5/X-H1.

Peter Kent says:

Noise test isn't white balanced properly?

Dennis Dingemanse says:

Clear problem with GH5 and in general MFT is lack of dynamic range. Lots of shadows and dark areas, even resulting in almost blackness compared to ASP-C and FF. Latter two shows much more (usable) dynamic range as a base. I have an e-m5 myself…

Lee Matta says:

Good video but is that a comb over.

Malek Fleifel - Video Producer says:

Interesting and different review. Respect.

Frank Romero says:

Canon SL2 is a great vlogging camera as well.

Frank Romero says:

When you did the ISO test, what lenses were you using and what f/stop? thx

Pleni Lunio says:

Why not GH5S? Better match to A7s

militaru tiberiu says:

Now…this is how you make a review!! Congrats

raredreamfootage says:

What I got from this test is that the GH5 is the best camera!

Den Dimas says:

This is best XH1 review so far. I'm a vlogger but I also do some other video and photo projects. I can compensate the better IBIS and high ISO for XH1, but that flip out screen from GH5 is magic. But then again, GH5 autofocus sucks (i know there has been some tricks from Yoda Yeo channel, but some of the video shows that its not really helping in 60 fps, where I mostly shot at). Thankfully, XH1 has telly light at front when recording, so at least you know that it is recording. Do you think AFC on xh1 with face detection is good enough for vlogging?

Matthew Gowdy says:

I’ve been waiting for a video to come out like this one. Thanks for taking the time to do some comparisons between these three camera. I found the information really useful!

Pit 78 says:

Very good test… tanks

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