Mi Note 10 (108MP) VS. Sony A7RIV (60MP)| Details Kings Camera Comparison (in-depth), 450€ vs. 3450€

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Hey guys! This was an hard battle! Tell me your thoughts in the comments! SUBSCRIBE for more videos like this! Let’s reach 1000 subscribers! 😉 My HUAWEI P40Pro is coming on 15th of April! Stay tuned for more videos about it!

The soundtrack you listen in the background of the video is composed and played by me! Follow my music channel too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVeQ3DXmlPdsib4_s0SryMg

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My telegram channel: https://t.me/lorenzcaptures
Mi Note 10 stock vs Gcam: https://youtu.be/4zu-oZN77AQ
P30 Pro vs Mi Note 10 50x Zoom Battle: https://youtu.be/g7PQzZvQJqA
Mi Note 10 vs Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: https://youtu.be/CCnKgFpASSk

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Jay Pachani says:

Sony Xperia 1 mark 2 vs Huawei p40pro+ comparison plz ?

Sara kadi says:

I was waiting for video test

fab - says:

Ciao grazie per o video, che software usi per il confronto side to side?

Jb-Edits says:

they are very similar because you dont have a prime lens on the a7r iv. Primes are sharp, most zooms are not (including your 24-240)

Quoutub says:

Not a surprise that the Xiaomi doesn't deliver more details. Even Xiaomi's 50mm 12 megapixel camera delivers more details from distant objects. Mathematically this means that the 108 megapixel Quad Bayer sensor also can't compete with a 50 megapixel Bayer sensor. In the center it's not due to the lens, it's due to the different color filter array. X-trans sensors also have an issue with fine details.

Brandon Chan says:

DSLR is always going to be better than the smartphone. As there sensor size has a big difference.

Sony Italia Community says:


Yunus Yahaya says:

Comparing smarphone to dslr camera.. wth
Wasting time

jude Godwin says:

You are the best Lorenzo

jude Godwin says:

Xiaomi mi note is the best phone camera.Still competing with the professional camera.Im so happy to have one

Arka Dwi says:

Congratulations for the new P40 Pro, hope you want to make a camera comparison between the P40 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (GCAM). Thank you

EISO V56Q says:

no videos about seilfe ?

EISO V56Q says:

nice !
by the way
mi note [email protected]$
mi note 10 [email protected]$
in iraq)
but in italy
mi note 10 with out pro comes with 489$!!!!

Foto4Max says:

did you use the potato glass 24-240 on the a7riv?

Anti Hydrogen says:

Xiaomi is a phone, whereas sony is only a dslr.
Note the price difference between them.
Xiaomi is specially for the asian whom are economically lower grade.

Ernesto Carbajal Sánchez says:

Good comparison, but your pulse is fatal, that makes the difference. Regards.

Yusuf Erdoğan says:

Why didn't you write which one was shot on which device after shooting? this caused a confusion. nice content anyway. Thanks dude! i hope to see more of this style mi note 10 videos, as a mi note 10 user. Hi from TURKEY🇹🇷

Maria Adalbert says:

No complaints about casual use in that price range. Thank You for all of Your tests and tutorials, so precise. Xiaomi beats my Nikon D5100 a lot. Especially if I have not any sophisticated optics. Best regards.


Impressive how powerful cameraphone has achieve

Andry G says:

Try with 27 Mpx and AI. Without pixel binning no way to win for the phone

chedil08 says:

E con la gcam mi sa che sono davvero pari

carlo farina says:

Bravo. Bel confronto! Se mai uscirà una gcam con 108 mp abilitato vogliamo vedere un altro confronto!

Gianfranco Coratella - Tech Addict says:

bella comparazione!!!

vote4humour says:

damn,mobile phones have come a long way…mi note 10 is definitely gonna be my next phone. Thanks for review 😀

francesco gambardella says:

Xiaomi best Camera phone actually!
For 430€ is a good idea!
Grazie Lorenzo!! 👏

giovanni tripoli says:

Complimenti Lorenzo bel video!! 😃 👍👍

Massimo Carra says:

altro importante lavoro Lorenzo! complimenti davvero!

namedem says:

p40pro vs sony – good
xiaonmi – sucks – is the sucks sensor by samsung 👎

Agim Sherifi says:

Amazing comparison, yes sony is one the best professional camera, but Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is super camera all in one, 5 lenses and is smartphone, just continue to comparison, you are best on the way

HuntaKiller says:

And that's only from the stock camera my friends..if he uses gcam there and mindyou gcam supports all lenses including the macro,ultrawide and telephoto with nightmode that dslr wont be that much better

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