Mi 10 vs iPhone SE vs Realme X50 Pro camera comparison – single vs quad

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Can the latest affordable iPhone – the #iPhoneSE – with it’s single rear camera setup, take the quad-camera toting Android flagships: #Mi10 and #RealmeX50Pro? We find out.


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Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh


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Mr. Phone says:

The Realme X50 Pro uses the wide angle camera to shoot macros. Not the telephoto. Apologies for the faux pas.

Deep Joshi says:

Any day apple iPhone because Android sucks after a year or half but iphone works same.

Vikingz. edits says:

You should have included the OnePlus 8

GunPoint says:

Iphone se vs oneplus 8 vs pixel 3a/3/3xl/3axl

Shubham Ahuja says:

Your videos can't be trusted after looking at your tweets.
You're such a damn sellout for Mi just have good PR relations with them.
I used to watch your videos and always notice you were praising all the Redmi cameras like crazy even when I could see it failed in that regard.

I have seen alot of Mi 10's camera compairisons and even on Telegram group I've seen full 108/27MP samples, the dynamic range always lacks a little bit on Mi 10 and in your videos Mi 10 had far superior dynamic range than SE.
Totally doubt it and I have a feeling you swapped it with any other phone.

Used to respect you but now I know what a sellout you and your damn channel is

Vishal Sinha says:

Plz check the A-19 patch update on the X50 pro. It has updated the camera extremely. Also can you all make a camera video on older vs newer update on X50 pro… ❤️

Vignesh D says:

I don’t get the point 12mp can do these much things then y 64,128 all these stuff r they making consumers fool who will zoom all the photos they take photos are just for memory while it comes to phone .Professionals always prefer dslr

Y W says:

Realme has pretty weak camera software. The algorithms to reduce noise kill a lot of the details. Things can be improved a lot by a fitting Gcam mod. It is important to try different mods & configs in order to get the best results. But in the end it will be absolutely worth it.

N0THiNG6 says:

This is my first time watching your video. I can surely say you are the best communicator in tech channels in India.

Lakshmi Debi says:

One plus 8 pro vs one plus 8 vs iPhone se camera comparison

Avinash Srivastava says:

MI 10: I have 108 MP Camera
RealmeX50 pro: I have 6 cameras
Iphone SE: Hold my beer 🍻
Irshad bhai to Realme and MI: Abey Saale😂

yashwant chouhan says:

Se vs op8 please

Rahul R says:

at 7 mins….why they are addding depth sensor…try to capture a depth shot with pets or any non moving object with single camera of se and do the same with #mi10 or x50 pro…you will get the answer !!

Rita Bhatta says:

Mi 10 wins for still shots but sadly it's price 😔

Harsh Pittroda says:

Just Saying , Most of the people DON'T ZOOM INTO TREES / GLASS BUILDINGS after taking a photo.

They are mainly for Social Media or Memories. For professionals , please buy a DSLR

pravin murthy says:

I will pick the X50Pro for the sheer versatility.. In terms of pic quality, just install a GCam n the stock cam pics of all 3 won't be a match for it! 😋.. simple..

TechnoGuide says:

Add oneplus 8 also

PArora p says:

Thanks bro….now i m sure ill but iphone se

Future Legend says:

Others : iPhone SE unboxing.
Mr Phone : Hold my camera comparison

sumerof 86 says:

Why are you even considering the apple phone here. 5 year old design doesn't qualify to even compare with budget category

pravin jadhav says:

S10 lite should kill all them with its camera performance. it is best phone in this price range

Parth Malani says:

mi 10 definitely. In most of your comparisons even if mi 10 was losing it wasn't by much at all. It also had most wins. Considering you're a YouTuber you may have more bias towards videography but 4k30 on mi 10 was pretty good too. wide-angle photos and videos are simply amazing and even the front cam on se isn't good. I liked everything except your conclusion lol

Bhargav Rapelliwar says:

Oneplus 8 bhi add kar lete sir

bhatts18 says:

First you give negative reviews for phones without ultrawide cameras in 2019. Then when the companies do add it you say one single camera is good enough if the performance is great! 🤦🏾‍♂️ Please get your priorities straight and give us consistent unbiased reviews!

nifran sn says:

Good comparison

Sumit Ram says:

Iphone SE 🧡❤️

Everything With Anirudha says:

1. Mi 10
2. iPhone SE
3. Realme X50 pro

Everything With Anirudha says:

iPhone is doing really great job

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