MEGA REVIEW: 50+ Cameras, Lenses & Drones

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Photog 250 says:

I’ve been buying and selling on Fred Miranda’s forum for about 11 years now with nothing but positive experiences

SplashStrike says:

I'm think I have hoarding problem because it hurt to see you give all that away.

Michael Ma says:

Brutally honest mentions. People buy this stuff and find reasons to make it the perfect lens for them in their YouTube videos and comments. Other lens was too heavy. Too expensive. Dont need to shoot faster than 1.8…etc. But compared to the industry standard for pro gear the cheaper 3rd party and consumer OEM lenses are a lot cheaper for a reason. But the person reviewing his first lenses making it sound greater than it is has no perspective. You should mention what you are keeping and why. That would be good real world perspective.

Roberto Bellezo says:

Now I know that too much gear acquisition will be vanity as the Bible says

Ben Harris says:

That was a really fun video to watch, quick impressions and some nostalgia. Good times ☺️

Carlos Vega says:

5:20 The Panasonic/Leica is 25mm f1.4 (not f1.2). And it’s a beautiful lens. Sharp, creamy bokeh, excellent IQ (on a Panasonic camera that is).

Column Wheel says:

Every piece of gear I own is carefully selected and assigned a specific task. No cobweb gear for me.

lim2001burger says:

Wish we had that kind of service here in Australia

Cooper Young says:

Still sad about the Canon 7Dmk2 and the 400mm f5.6

If only Canon made a 400mm f5.6 IS

Theosphilus Thistler says:

Bad luck burglars, you're too late.

Kenneth Feld says:

Looking at KEH they have pretty good prices across the board. One thing about used gear and I am asking for your opinion. I am looking to get a 5D mk4, KEH used pricing is in line with Amazon used, but I can buy a brand new International version for $300 cheaper. Which would you buy? Neither have a warranty, Canon will repair Intl version in the US.

Juan Manuel Ramírez says:

Are you going to keep your ILCA-99MII?

I still think that is a great underrated camera. But every days is harder to find any A-mount lens.

And E-mount lenses are closing the gap very quickly. There are awesome lenses available now.

Paul Caskey says:

I was sold Noventus as a pre-workout. No wonder it was so awkward at the gym.

Kilo Hotel says:

KEH is great, I always check them out.
And I’m sure the Pentax users are going to trash you even more now.

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