Medium Format Film Vs. Digital Photography

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A comparison of the Contax 645 vs. EOS R. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this one!

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kenneth61 says:

To many parameters for a fair comparison!
Do you develop the film for yourself or a lab? Then how careful is you or lab?
Flatbed scanner-dedicated filmscanner or pro drumscanning?
What program and parameters for scanning?

My workflow: OM4-Portra-C41-Plustek-Vuescan-Lightroom.

Aperture says:

3:30 For all the film crazed Canon AE-1 users out there.

kickn-aDead-cat says:

Not only did you have to depend on your knowledge but you also had to depend on the lab. Searching for a dependable lab that could produce pleasing images on the cheap was a real pain. Now I’m in the lab so I can’t complain.

Jason Tuno says:

Hey Sam! Suggestions on a medium format camera for a first time medium format shooter?

Gil Pineda says:

they can technically look the same by framing subjects the same way only way to differenciate them is with the amount of detail the medium format gives love this

Luna Wroblewski says:

I'm sooo used to square photos with my MF camera (older TLR) so I really had to pay attention to what the caption said lol

Kurt Pleavin says:

You shot Portra 400 and didn't choose to overexpose it?

Helge Frisenette says:

Holy vocal fry Batman!

Zane says:

yeah man, also the cost. MF cameras are off the charts… also the lens play a huuuuuuuge roll here. Love the video tho! can't believe anyone would see these images and not say the MF ones are 1-0000000000000000 times better

Jonathan Hornby says:

This video is beautifully shot and it’s clear you have the understanding on both formats to make your measured judgments. Thanks for making a quality comparison that can mean something to those asking the question 🙂

MIKI says:

I was immediately disappointed with the lens choice for the EOS R.

Why the boring 24-70?

Otherwise, nice shots.

Jon Bodhi says:

Love the pacing of this video. Great vibes and good info. Craze

Ghoniyya Hamida says:

love this so much! I shot on films too and i got the great feeling over shooting films!

Mr. maggo says:

Prime compared with a Zoom of f4!?!
make not so much sense by portrait comparison….

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