Massive Camera Gear Unboxing

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Unboxing all the amazing new camera gear I just got but I had to make a huge sacrifice for all these items. Find out what I had to sacrifice in the vlog.

Also please let me know on which of these products you want to see a more in depth video or tutorial, maybe both?


Professional inquires please email: [email protected]

MAIN Camera:
My epic go to Lens:
Stabilizer for MAIN Camera:
Drone ND-Filter:
Mic for Main Camera:
Portable Hard Drive:
Must have light:
My Battery Grip:
Phone Stabilizer:
Go to ND-Filter:
High Performance SD-Card:
4K Drone SD-Card:
“MUST HAVE” budget Reflector:

Music I used for this video:
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Artist SC ➞
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im just jealous.

Daniel Sims says:

I really like what you did with b-roll and some smooth transitions!

Victor Vlogs Official says:

I can't afford it,,,😭😭

Samson Josy says:

Some peter McKinnon touch here and there

A T says:

Where r u goin after buying this?

JeffreyP says:

I feel like this guy likes peter mickinon

K Soul says:

Next time make sure you have all the stuff sent to my house 🤣🤣 Congrats bro!!

Blake Ballinger vlogs says:

First video I have ever watched on this channel and you’re videos are awesome 👏 keep trying hard

Shafer Brahm says:

Great video. You need more subs

Rorie’s Life says:

Y do u spend so much money on camera gear when u have 80 sub

molly jones says:

heyy what do you use to edit xx

Farhan Mohamed says:

Loved your videos. Great vlogs too

শব্দের মহাকাব্য says:

good job bro

Princess Nae says:

I would love to collaborate with you I will go out and buy tech and stuff I’m at 180 something subs😂😂

Princess Nae says:

Come on now how does this guy not have more subscribers. I subscribed right at the intro

Aneeq Memon says:

You are awesome guy your vloging is awesome..

Zaina Nadeem says:

please make daily vlogs

Zaina Nadeem says:

50 subs,sik intro

SOCCER FReak says:

You deserve more views and more subscribers this video was awesome

John Kiu says:

Great vid man continue the great and hard work! you'll be big one day 🙂

Freedom Is A Lie says:

When you hit 1 mill remember i was here at 15 subscribers 👍🏽👋🏽 your awesome

Oggz Media says:

Hey some really cool editing , great content keep it up 👍🏽

Jerome Montpetit says:

Hey Andreas nice video! Love it! The dji mavic tho, sweet! Hoping to get a drone one day. Well, keep up the great work! I subbed and thanks for the support

Saad Khan says:

Try to make more camera videos…………

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