Man vs. Camera: how to take great shots with even a point-and-shoot

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Ansel Adams said a good photograph is knowing where to stand. With even the most basic of compact cameras — like Canon’s best-selling SX260 — you can take great pictures if you just keep a few things in mind. Or so says Michael Shane.

Video by Christian Mazza and John Lagomarsino. Part of Top Shelf 007. Watch on YouTube or on The Verge: More from The Verge:


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The Tony Cam says:

Wait. You can change the shutter speed on an sx620?

The Tony Cam says:

Sx620! I just got one 2 days ago!

King Kang says:

Road flares…

TheElixir007 says:

Finally… a simple video with straight-to-the-point tips… really useful

Iloveb4mydeath says:

And that´s how Peter Parker, gave us a tutorial on how to capture best shots with any camera.

Amar Nath Das says:

very good inputs! 🙂

aftershock604 says:

I've owned at least 5 or more PAS in the last 8 years and they all seem to be really finicky and lack-luster in the end. It's like a constant chase for a PAS that suits you.

Itamar Kaslassy says:

"That crazy position from yoga last night"

Fereli FY says:

More videos like this!!!

Aditya says:

I always do that. Av mode FTW!

dandowning83 says:

very nice video and very helpful, this applies to all photography.

Haval Slim says:

Very helpful tips. Thanks

Rayoody2012 says:

great tips verge,

Floydarn' says:

It's not about the camera, it's about the one behind it. Even if you get a 1000$ camera and you're bad it won't look good.

Mr Plastik's Playtime says:

Would love to see more tutorials like this one how to take the best photos from your phone's camera.

small & tiny home ideas / @smallhomeideas says:

nice verge. more of this short and sweet stuff w/out fluff = time well spent! Thanks!

valdeaunia says:

Photo at 02:30 – really good.

i.m.prove says:

I totally forgot I could use flash + slow shutter to make that kind of effect! Thanks Verge.

Duschmon7 says:

I never use the flash

Kevin Ventura says:

I always use the flash

John Lagomarsino says:

Can't insert hyperlinks in the comments here, but The Verge ran an article titled "Portrait video and other things cameras shouldn't let you do" that may be of interest!

nokujin says:

Awesome guys! Now please please please do a video that explains why no one should take photos/videos vertically. Many people don't understand when vertical is good and it's very annoying. I'd definitely spam that video to all my friends.

Mayur Misra says:

Need more of such tips … The camera which is in your hands most times is the Phone camera… You dont have the ability to tinker with the aperture settings… How do you take better pics from that?

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