Mamiya RZ67 Review | The BEST Camera for Portraits?

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Some thoughts and feelings towards the Medium Format Machine, The Mamiya RZ67 (Pro II).

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Video recorded on Sony A6500

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Bennett Coast says:

why a green screen tho

Pasquale Ettorre says:

That's my beast! RZ67 for life 😉 i've no problem carrying "her" around

Zamar says:

i have this camera and have no idea what kind of flash to get with it for portraits, any ideas? (i’ve never used any other flash other than built on camera ones)

Willy Gil says:

the price of the rz67 is going to skyrocket after this video.

milo gil says:

So, you got used to the waist level finder?

ASAP Papi says:

Can you do a vid showing how you use the rb/rz with flash. idk if that too basic, but what adaptors do you use? Do you need a lot? Or is it super simple to set up even with modern strobes ?

Marcus Warner says:

Hands down the best sponsor plug I've ever seen

Erick Acosta says:

Excuse me sir … What´s the flash trigger you use on it? ( since that hot shoe it´s not an easy spot)

Joshua Hamilton says:

Thank u for exploring your memelord side, G Money.

Sebochan says:

Would you recommend getting the 90mm leaf shutter lens on Pentax 67 then?

Jumanne Jahi says:

G man what happened to your friends and crew, are you planning to work along now. are you ever in contact with them?

William Andrade says:

I LOVE MY RZ67 :,)

Niles Davis says:

My man just used every sample video Storyblocks has to offer lmao

Jeff Smudde says:

I've been using the older brother, the RB67, and with the only real significant difference being the T-setting instead of a bulb setting on the shutter speed dial, the RB67 is an incredibly good model to also consider. I've shot street photography with this thing, and while it was weird and challenging, it's quite fun to use this brick of a camera for something it isn't designed for.

Jeff Smudde says:

I unsubscribed when I heard the introduction then re-subscribed promptly thereafter

Kenny Li says:

the 185mm is great for portraits

Zhang Yue says:

Something is wrong with this guy.

FramesPerSecond says:

I was planning to make this the next MF Camera I get, but it’s still a while away hahaha.

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