Mamiya 645 Camera Review

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In this episode, Jules and I review the classic Mamiya M645 camera series which was first introduced in 1975. We explain the difference between the three different versions of the camera and take you with us on a Sunday morning photo walk around Munich.

Equipment used:
Mamiya M645 1000s
45mm f/2.8
80mm f/2.8
210mm f/4
Gossen Sixtino

Films used:
Kodak Portra 400 scanned and developed by
Ilford HP5+ scanned and developed by Jules


そらの says:

Just want to ask if i can change the viewfinder while having a roll loaded?

sfbdotcom says:

Back in the day I had a 645J with the 80mm and the 210mm lenses and I have to say it turned out some really nice images, particularly the 210mm. Funnily enough I had that very same exposure meter!

Sebastian Corzo says:

Thanks for the review! i have a question how do you shoot in portrait mode (vertical) ?? is that possible? is confortable? i want this camera for portrait and fashion photography!

chelis gonzalez says:

I really enjoyed the way you did te review for this camera…honest and friendly.
I also have this camera in my closet and I think it is time to buy some 120 rolls

Nicholas Bello says:

Long time viewer of your channel, and just curious about weight and ergonomics of the 1000s vs the Pro TL. I really want a light camera to walk around with and was curious about if the weight difference was significant for the pro. And if it felt comfortable to use the waist level view finder vs the prism? Should I just save up for the mamiya 6? Thanks!

Joseph Asghar says:

I picked up an M645 with wlvf and 80/1.9. Heavenly…

Iggie1970 says:

It's on my bucket "to get" list… Aaaach, that GAS……
BTW, did you find Jean-Marie Pfaff's blaue Hosen ???

Blackmind says:

Servus aus Graz, ich habe seit gestern eine 645j, die hat als schnellste Zeit, 1/500, sollte ich da ND Filter nutzen wenn das Licht zu heftig ist, speziell wenn ich Portraits mit offener Blende machen will? lg Günter

ebay_camera_from_japan says:

I would like to hear about the wide-angle, telephoto lens set

45mm + 80mm + 210mm


55mm + 80mm + 150mm

Which one to buy?

Ewald Dieser says:

It would be my favorite camera if they put in the meter inside the camera itself and not in the prism finder. I prefer using the waist level finder and also is the prism finder pretty heavy.

One other thing. I have a Hasselblad 500 and I tried many different focusing screens but none are as brilliant and easy to focus as the one in the Mamiya. The difference is really noticeable.

Thomas Campbell says:

Excellent review. My Mamiya has been sitting in a closet for more than a decade (life does get complicated doesn't it) but it is coming out before I turn in tonight and an order for some batteries and film to follow shortly thereafter. You have inspired me to get back to doing the things I love.

Alex Socci says:

Need some help if you have time max… Im seriously considering purchasing this camera, especially because of the compactness and the fact that lens adapters are made to use most mf lenses from bronicas to hasselblad v lenses. Im still a bit stuck between this and the bronica s2a. Any insight would be very helpful :). Thanks!

smallcnclathes says:

Years ago, I used mine for weddings. Complete with meter prism and motor drive. Heavy with the the motor drive, but very easy to hang on to with the grip and shutter button being very convenient. The grip also made portrait or landscape easy to handle. Nice system. Thank you for the video.

Amir Makar says:

Would it be possible to review the RB67 series please? 🙂

Yasmin says:

This or Nikon F3?

Stu Lora says:

Just a minor thing: 4/3 ratio (i.e. 6/4.5) is so very much different to 3/2 (as in 35mm) aesthetically. At least to my perception. I almost always find myself cropping digitals to 4/3 and I always find 35mm prints to "rectangular". Whatever you prefer, it is a different beast.

Clive Richards says:

Excellent video. Tempted by Mamiya 645 and several lenses left by deceased brother in law in Bulgaria. Too far to just pop along and look closely to see what system it is, nevertheless this video tempts me to return to my photographic roots of 60 years ago with what time is left to me.

dcarsondavis says:

How much smaller and lighter is this one compared to the Bronica SQ-A?

Reuben Zuazua says:

This was my first camera sold to me buy a local Film group in Miami. Loved this very much, said I sold it when needed money, and when I return bought the Mamiya 645 AFD which I also sold. I am happy to have returned to Film, with a nice selection of cameras.

What is the bag that you have, looks like Ona but not quit sure.

engelina _grl says:

Taking person, pleasant voice, great film, enjoyable to see, great example photos! I enjoyed this review very much, personally i own a M645 also.

Anna Pires says:

Thank you, I loved it!

scrapbookvideo2293 says:

Love your reviews. They are thought out, clear and very insightful. Thanks for creating…now I need to get a 645!

The X Topic says:

Fantastic video I went out n got one, I am going to go out n try it.

David Shan says:

Hi, may I ask which light meter are you using?

billy wang says:

background music is wonderful. it make me feel peace.

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