Look good and sound great on videos from home (Zoom video conferences too!)

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Lots of people are suddenly working from home. For many, that means creating online videos for others to watch or logging time on Zoom conference calls. We review some simple techniques to make your videos look and sound great, so you’ll look more professional when working from home.

For more tips, watch Chris and Jordan’s earlier video about coverage on The Camera Store TV: https://youtu.be/gPdJX_VqS_M

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Recommended gear:
Deity V-Lav Mic
Fotodiox Flapjack 300 RS
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Michael Bruchas says:

You can buy used lav’s from the bigger a/v houses. My Sony lav’s are both almost 20 years old. After-market clips and windscreens have long replaced the originals…

Incisive01 123 says:

One thing you did great in your video which you forget to mention: NO BACKGROUND MUSIC.

John Tile says:

Good video! I teach and bought a Blue Yeti mic…very good. Thoughts on that mic? Also, any suggestions on a good webcam for teaching?

Stu2366593 says:

Would be nice if you could share your ideas on how to share video clips online without stuttering or choppiness for those listening with poor or basic slow speed internet connections. Compress videos? Thx for this helpful video.

Philippe Dassonval says:

My question is ; looking for a new system at home for video editing , should I buy a new IMac pro 27 inches for $4800 or should I build a PC for a value around $2500 ?? Which system should be more powerful in term of performance ?

Ralph Taylor says:

Hi Chris and Jordan, would love an instructional video re how to use a USB capture device (e.g. Magewell) to effectively turn a DSLR into a webcam to improve video quality for live streaming/video calls.

Darrel Robertson says:

Nice video, I owned this black camera (GT model)…thanks!

Adam Richardson says:

Was on a Zoom call with a photographer yesterday who was using his Fuji X-H1 as a (very expensive) webcam, and holy cow it looked amazing, like broadcast quality. Unfortunately it was way off axis to the screen, so he was never able to make eye contact.

Aditya Singh says:

the window light can be Balanced by just a humble white cardboard … 🙂 much cheaper and easily available

Robert J Kral says:

Great suggestions. Check out iGlasses it’s awesome for video chat/conferencing where you want control over your camera and how the image looks

João Almeida says:

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!!! A Electro 35!!!! I have a GSN

nirmal prasaath says:

How make a pro like simple video edit??

Will Giani says:

@DPReview Chris I am really impressed by the quality of your Zoom. I cannot get that on my MBP.

pcpanik says:

Zoom Videoconferences is once again criticized for serious security vulnerabilities. Hackers were recently able to hijack Windows accounts via Zoom. There are also problems with password assignment. You should not use it.https://krebsonsecurity.com/2020/04/war-dialing-tool-exposes-zooms-password-problems/

Ira Crummey says:

Thanks, had a meeting on Zoom yesterday , I'll look and sound alot better next time.

ericsf says:

What led light is that?

Tim Fitzwater says:

Trying to share this with all the people who need it. Raise up that laptop people! (Thanks for another great vid)

Miles Wilson says:

Great stuff! What about tips for how to shoot films from home? I'd love another scene recreation like you did with Eternal Sunshine 🙂

Fernando Antunes Amaral says:

zoom???? that corporate sofware!!! theres open source really good studff like JITSI ! also theere is a new internet, the #fediverse,, do open a #peertube chanel so i can folow from my federated #mastodon account! 🙂

Arthur Marek says:

Thanks, good info well presented, I already learned this from experience. I keep trying to improve my pre recorded clips on my M43 Olympus, I find soft focus looks best, what diyou guys think? Thanks again

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