Logitech Circle 2 Home Security Camera Review

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Note: the Logitech Circle 2 has geofencing.

Buy the Logitech Circle 2: http://bit.ly/30mP5EL

Here is our #LogitechCircle2 Home Security Camera Review. First off, I really liked the nifty design of the Logitech Circle 2. It simply looked good in my space and felt good in my hand.

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Time Stamps

0:37 Company Overview
1:35 Initial Thoughts/ Physical Features
3:16 Video
4:02 Audio
4:34 Night Vision
6:23 Smart Platform Integrations
7:41 Value
8:41 Convenience
9:37 Mobile Application
13:50 Recap

The #LogitechCircle2 wired setup was generally pretty easy except that when I accidentally twisted off the magnetic front, it took me much longer to reset and set up the camera again.It could have simply been my experience, but it was a bit of an issue.The 1080p high definition video on the Logitech is excellent even if its night vision left a little to be desired.

The smart platform integration on the Logitech Circle 2 is robust with it working with the big 3 of Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. The weather resistance of the Logitech Circle 2 allows for it to be installed inside or outside, but with a 10 ft cord, it’s use outdoors may be limited without an extension cord. The motion detection on the Circle 2 held up on our end along with person detection.

With one camera, you get 14 days of cloud storage for $3.99 a month or $6.99 or $60 a year for up to 5 cameras. These premium upgrades also allow you to set up motion zones for spaces inside or around your home. The Logitech Circle 2 sells for approximately $180 making it a little more than some of its competitors, but its smart platform integration may make it worth the price. The wireless version costs even more.

The convenience factor of the Logitech Circle 2 is pretty optimal. Once you download the app, you are essentially ready to go. The app itself is fairly busy, but it is easy to navigate and makes it easy to view a live stream of wherever the camera is located. Overall, if solid HD video and smart platform integration are your requisites then the Logitech Circle 2 Home Security Camera may be right for you. However, if you need the strongest night vision then you may want to look at another option.

This review comes from our Director of Content Gabe Turner.

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GunstarGizmo says:

I have the Nest outdoor camera and it's fine except it requires a subscription to be of any use. At least with this camera, it will save up to 24hrs of activity without a subscription and not just 3hrs. The Nest also lacks versatility. With the Circle 2, I only need to buy one camera for indoor/outdoor. Its modular capabilities allow for a multitude of mounting configurations and locations.

Ставцев Федор says:

Hi, how do you think, is it good as a baby monitor?

jeanie68 says:

New to this camera, I would want my LED lights to stay on all the time, is this possible plus have it set for 1080 hp in the app? For the wireless one it runs at 720hp if I’m using the “lights always on” function. Love your videos, Thank you

Robatman says:

Great product

Cactus Tweeter says:

As of September 29, 2019 is this the best HomeKit enabled solution?

Daniel Yuri says:

Great review and work. Honest, clean, and helpful. Thank you.

Lasse Hansen says:

Great camera, but it is BS to takt that much money for the detection zone functionality. Without that function the camera is expencive

jorge santos says:

Great review.

Robert Garcia says:

This video was very helpful and educating, thanks and keep the videos coming.

Mick Cozad says:

I don‘t want my data on a far too expensive cloud. That‘s a crazy pricing model.

jascam1 says:

Great video review, quality set-up and presentation..

nicofieuhome says:

I have 2 of those, about to get a 3rd one, I love those. The only thing I'm disappointed in is the app menu when you have more than 1 cam, the menu shows the different cams in freeze mode, no real time video, you have to select the video you want to watch the live feed, its really sad, Logitech should really make this upgrade. On an iPad, have 3 or 4 livestream on the screen would be just great

Andy Russell says:

If I have three camera in three locationsnetwork access points can they be put on one account?

Shard Phoenix says:

Sorry…subscription you say? No local storage you say? Ok BYE!

NoGameNoCesco says:

What about geofencing? will this camera turn off/on as soon as memmber of the house will go inside/outside?

RT Rey says:

How long does it store videos to the cloud ? Do you have to pay for the cloud storage ? Do you have to pay to download the app ?

David Schertz says:

First time viewing your channel. As a professional videographer let me say your filming, editing, and content is on point. Great job. Keep it up!

Artur says:

Have you seen the SimCam "and the" Eyecloud Cam "? That's what good surveillance cameras are

Felix Laboy says:

Wow I just came across ur video and yes I Definitely subscribe to your channel. I’m thinking of the Arlo pro 2. Was wondering would u recommend this over the Logicteck

Thanks for the advice and keep up the great work your videos are amazing and sound very professional

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