LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Plus Camera Comparison Test

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Instead of doing a LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera comparison I decided to do a LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Plus Camera Comparison test instead since it makes more sense price and specs wise. The LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Camera Test should have the same results so this video should be fine for either purchase. The LG V60 ThinQ vs Galaxy S20 is the comparison of the year since these two always go head to head but if you want to see a LG V60 Thinq vs Galaxy S20 Ultra full camera comparison let me know and I will make that happen. For more LG V60 camera tests and a full LG V60 camera review subscribe to the channel. Who won this camera battle Galaxy S20 vs LG V60?

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Danny Winget says:

Which camera took it? Was the Galaxy S20 Plus vs LG V60 Camera comparison epic? Don't forget to check out the LG V60 Camera 8K Camera Test here: https://youtu.be/YBO7kNQXlaE

gary burrows says:

Great honest comparison …. thanks !!! I will take LG due to price , audio, second display option and 2nd year hardware warranty, the difference in cameras are very minimal and a pro could only notice them and point them out to me …

ខ្មែរអង្គរ says:

best comparison bro.

abdul nazari says:

V60 looks more natural. I have a s20 ultra.

tonemaster 2099 says:

Watching this on my lg g8

turquoise 86 says:

I'm thinking the lg v60 is the pre model before launch real production models.

Glenn Thoughts says:

O man that hdr video capture from LG ist horrible. S10 maybe even S8 will look better than that. Ofcourse LUTs will make it better, Putting LUT on s20 capture will not? LUT is almost cheating so that should not even mentioned in a camera comparison at all. That's photo editing already for any captures.

WES says:

The 20+ audio sound better.

Sarvesh Pavale says:

Nicely Explained … Detailed Camera Review 🙏

Nikoolix says:

S20 wins on camera but that's expected since it's almost double the price, but it's not twice as good so V60 is still extremely good for the price. Besides, one doesn't buy the LG for just the camera but for the Hifi headphone jack and optional second screen case.

Siders Productions says:

I do believe portrait mode works on the standard lens as well though Danny.

Wakefield Wildlife says:

Great video! What's the focal length of the front camera on the LG V60?

Glenn Thoughts says:

Hey Danny, love your work. Can you do a camera comparison again once you've got tge S20 Ultra Camera update? As I've seen a video here in Youtube about it and its amazing now with super fast Autofocus and even improved dynamic range. Thanks!

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