LG V60 versus Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus camera comparison

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Our LG V60 versus Samsung Galaxy S20+ camera comparison has finally arrived, giving you a close look at how the cameras on the Galaxy S20 smartphones and the new LG V60 stack up. The video shows off camera comparisons between the two devices in a variety of different lighting conditions which should give you a sense of how the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and LG V60 compare in day-to-day use.

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Joe Black says:

LG sounds like they seriously messed up noise canceling. It's sound incredibly "robotic", tiny and low res.
Sure we can hear you better, but it's really not nice to listen to 😉

Leo R says:

1:05 Samsung s20/20+ main camera can not record at 8k, they use the 3x tele lens for 8k recording

peter Francis says:

Samsung had a bette camera

adrain quan says:

LG still seems muddy as usual

Medstar1 says:

I would have liked to have had more commentary from the reviewer with regards to what he was seeing with his own eyes and how the LG and S20 reproduced the image. There were several shots where the color reproduction was varied to a large degree between the 2 cameras and it would have been helpful to know which was closer to how the subject appeared in real life.

momo simo says:

Bizar certain tests montraient le v60 fort en basse lumiere

Xneutrone says:

lg as always bad texture photo and blurred detail…. my god ,year after year this same s t…. LG FOR GOD.. GIVE ME SHARP PHOTO(not oversharped) WITH GOOD TEXTURE… AND SHARP VIDEO — NOT BLURED OIL DETAIL !! lg v60 is very good smartphone but lg posprocesing photos year after year kil detail in every flagship….

Abdilah Ramadhan says:

Samsung's video stabilization is better. Its not as jittery and shaky as LG's
LG has better mic, though.

JayDen says:

If the rumor is true. The V60 is not LG's flagship this year nor the G9. There's a mystery flagship coming.

johnboy says:

Good job lots of very nice photos thanks for an awesome comparison!

Gerald Chapman says:

I would take the LG V60 over the S20+ anytime..

MSD says:

Eat more veggies and cut on animal foods and junk food, your skin looks like you are under heavy oxidative stress.

Olmu says:

LG sounds weird, any reason to it? It should have 4 microphones and yet it sounds so thin.

montu25 says:

V60 is winner for me. Thanks for the detailed comparison!

Alireza Soleymaniha says:

s20+ ultrawide is far better.

Youcef Mekircha says:

i'll have the lg, the audio is miles a head

Peter Dinoy says:

i think LG's cameras are great especially when it is really focused on the subject. they just need to improve their "focus technology" for me

Prem Kr Prashant says:

V60 tanks…straight to garbage

kramshiron says:

Much prefer the more natural look on the LG.. Samsung as usual over saturates and over brightens.

Munawar Salim says:

For me i like the v60 here considering the price

DT770 Pro 250 ohm says:

LG v60 is the best

Raghuram Somanchi says:

LG all the way…High quality assured…

D Mer says:

Idc how much "better" the S20 may claim to be, im dumping my Note 8 for the V60 as soon as i can get my hands on one

FedLago says:

The front camera on the S20+ washes things out too much. Software fix, anyone?

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