LG V60 ThinQ Camera Review! #4K

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Charles R says:

Samsung Knights… have a seat 🤣🤣🤣

Thomas Knipe says:

Awesome Video, I love unbiased LG reviews. I am loving this phone. Thanks again

MAD MANN says:

I think people always sleep on LG. Come on man…Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Optimus Black…the entire G series (except the 5) V10, 20…they just need to market harder and do a better job on software support which they did on android 10.

Siders Productions says:

I still wished they slid a 3x telephoto in there but crop and digital zoom from the 64mp sensor at the very least 2x will be serviceable for me. LG finally included a great front facing camera.

Chance Roberts says:

Front camera is not good. That said, the rest look great

Brahil Mrag says:

LG always the best Camera Photos and Videos and Audio qualities and phenemonal features , but unfortunately many peoples are idiot and go to buy trashes like Samsung and Apple for a very higher prices

Ryan Olmstead says:

Mr J-Will you probably just cost me $900 lol. I'm definitely thinking about this device. I feel like it's a major upgrade from my 6t without spending $1200

BrothaMan Tech says:

Did anyone notice at like :38 that blue tinge in the video when he leaned back or was it just me?

Maechi Okafor says:

Do you think you'll get your hands on the Sony Xperia 1 II when it drops? Would you be willing to compare the Sony with the V60? I'm really interested in your opinion on Sony's camera compared to the V60, daily use battery endurance, which one you would use as your daily and why.

JROD says:

Watching this on my LG V35

Nils Pettersson says:

Hej J. Williams thanks for the video LG V60 is an interesting mobile phone I have to say and I am disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy S20 models this year regarding the cameras. Samsung Galaxy S20 S20+ S20 Ultra. Samsung Galaxy S20 series is nice mobile phones but very expensive. And when i upgrading to a new mobile phone yes then you want very good cameras for that price you have to pay for S20 S20+ and the Ultra. It's lucky we have you testing mobile phones and are not afraid to tell the truth take care be safe.

ReeRee Box says:

Hey J can you purchase this phone unlocked if so…then where

B Floyd says:

Rear photos look fine, rear facing video camera looks fine…but I am not a fan of the yellow tint on the front camera

LemonNation says:

I'm one of those people which internet call's an audio file, and over the years no matter what company makes a phone just cant convince me converting from an LG V series , have used apple x, s10 but deeper down my heart i just keep comverting back to LG!!!!!

D Stanoev says:

The video on the rear camera is really good. The front camera is struggling with the light by the looks of it. But the sound quality is AMAZING!

hit wonda says:

Lg is a good phone

Noel Ventura says:

Camera is nice

myproject13 says:

Keeping it real & honest as always 👍
I'm personally having a great time with the Cameras on my S20 ULTRA 👊 but definitely digging what I'm seeing coming him the LG V60 👊 thanks for the Video, Prayers to your Family during this Covid19 situation🙏…
God is in Control ✌️

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