LG V60 ThinQ 5G Unboxing!

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The new LG V60 ThinQ Dual Screen flagship is here! This phone has promising specs along with a foldable Dual Screen case to duplicate the display! Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/mKv8aM
LG V60 ThinQ Review: coming soon

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G.J. H says:

I just bought the LG G8 X and it took the Sprint "free second screen promotion" almost 5 weeks to get the second screen to me which I just received a few days ago. This phone looks great! I can see some differences already, but if you are able to do a comparison between the two phones, that would be amazing!

Harvi Winanda says:

What a beautiful phone.

onii-chan's manko says:

It's lg it will never see a update in firmware. May as well just buy a cheap Chinese brand 😉

Alex Davidson says:

Why is everyone reviewing this phone as if it's a new thing that's never been done before? The LG G8X has been out for a long time now and it got almost no media attention, but they release a SECOND phone with this feature and everyone is suddenly acting like they've never seen it before

Dreezey Dreeze says:

The dual screen seems very gimmicky and not 100% functional with the huge gap in the center. Not to mention, it adds extreme amount of bulk to the device. So far, not a fan.

Craig Costlow says:

LG please keep that headphone jack in the future!!!

(I doubt they will thou) lol

Almark Ribbons says:


Dennis Adkins says:

If I spend that much money on a phone I would get the Samsung foldable phone at least the screen is not cut in half. I did enjoy your video. the more we keep spending them outrageous prices on them phones and more they will keep cranking up the prices we are so stupid. I bet it didn't cost more than $100 to make that phone. If you know how to shop you can get a new Samsung S10+ phone like me for 500 buck v50$350 LG v45 $200 😋😋🤗🤗😋 do not buy from cell phone carriers

Saif Shahnewaz Saad says:

Good to see LG back

jesse grat says:

I have the lg g8x dual screen which functions identically. All i can say is its purely a gimmick. i never use it because theres nothing functional to use it on. Kind of a waste.

Phillip Leman says:

Gonna get this one when it comes to Sprint

AltruisticWarrior says:

For the price compared to Samsung, this is an easy choice. I have a note 9 and honestly I think it's a terrible phone. I miss my G6. LG makes a great phone and their 2 year warranty is competitive too.

whelenvortexr4 says:

It's like the LG Versa came back.

SouthFacedWindows says:

This is real innovation.Apple you taking notes?

mkphilly says:

Lower rz Than my LG g8.. to save battery I guess.. Nice review

mitsubishidiamante says:

I heard its buy one get the 2nd the dual screen free @ T-Mobile

Official Filmilen says:

The LG V60 looks like a good phone.

Ollie E. says:

Looks so solid

Tariq Jaradat says:

Is it me or the dual screen has a camera

Nikki Raichlin says:

Do you know if its wacom or active pen stylus supportive
if so is the screen strong enough to take a active stylus without scratching it

Jeremy Strickland says:

Tim, do you happen to know why Verizon doesn't carry the dual screen version of these phones?

Corey Antonio says:

My 1 thing…why does the 2nd screen even have a selfie camera!?

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