LG V40 ThinQ Camera Review – For the Content Creators

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The LG V40 ThinQ is launching with 5 cameras and some pretty big hardware improvements overall, not to mention a ton of new modes, features and a slight camera software redesign as well. Manual mode is seeing a big upgrade with support for both 4K 60FPS video, as well as 4K HDR10 video recording support, giving content creators even more tools than they had with last year’s LG V30. Is this $900 phone a content creator’s dream? Is it still good for someone who isn’t a power user? Find out in our review!

Full gallery of comparison shots:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157702022795585

LG V40 vs Sony Xperia XZ3 HDR Tests: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwFH7aZRpTDSBJIAsQGQPBdER7sw8frBp

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Android Headlines - Android News & Tech News says:

LG has launched several updates citing camera improvements for many of the issues we found regarding the V40 ThinQ's camera. We will be including updated samples in upcoming reviews, but know that quite a few improvements have been made since we've published our review!

Wai seong Yin says:

LG v40 seems to be better than Samsung Note 9

Addict MovS says:

At 2:10, how to have, like you, the manual settings on the bottom of the screen instead of the right side? I find it more user friendly to get the control sets on the bottom cuz i often misclick on other settings while i wanna change 1 selected setting.

Gabor Kecskes says:

LG V40 is my new budget flagship love in 2020.

carlos vargas says:

What about the Portrait Lighting Mode, why nobody talk about that; i want to know about that. Can you show us? Please 🙏🏻

Sidharth Pk says:

How it's even possbile to create such a detailed review? This is dope man.

NeutronX101 says:

Why does the samsung look better? I love LG software, but their cameras are Garbage.

Tomasz says:

Hello my friends 🙂
Some of the comments below say that there was software upgrade and now quality of the pictures is much better on LG V40, it that true?
I am really interested in opinion of someone who actually uses this phone, "opinions" like lg is underrated does not interest me much, sorry. 😉

RoNīN GaījīN says:

it sounds like you're just parroting what other reviewers that hate on LG are saying. looking at your samples I saw plenty of shots that the V40 looked better than the competition. there were a few that you couldn't tell much of a difference at all, and some where the V40 didn't look as good but there are more options to correct a less than great picture on the V40 than the competition. it's the same thing every year, Huawei and Samsung get all the praise even though they have flaws as well.

Mr. Potato says:

Just instal google cam on v30 and its x10times better

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