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LG V30 Real Camera Review time! If you want the absolute best mobile solution for producing high quality video, look no further. LG has improved on nearly every concern we had with last year’s V20, and added a few new pro features to boot. Will “regular folks” appreciate these features, or will the V series remain a niche offering? Let’s take a closer look!
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LG V30 Real Camera Review: The Video Producer’s Dream Phone | Pocketnow



Keith Douglas says:

Think I'll go get one. The v30 plus is on sale now in Australia for $449 a steal and the camera on this thing shits on every thing else out there even at the end of 2019 oh yeah and I don't care about the selfie camera im buying it for the rear bad ass cameras.


Does the V30 had 16:9 of 16MP as like G4?

Vikas Shelke says:

Lg could have removed front camera and removed notch . I hate selfie camera .

Lydia's Garden says:

Hello everybody .I could use any advise I can have on videos.I want to add my logo at the beggining of the videos and the ingredients of my recipes.Can any body help ? I do have Lg 30.Thank you

Bruno Caruso says:

Have lg g5 and the camera is amazing. Have also lg v30 and honestly the camera is the shittest I have ever had. Even the one of the lg g3s was better. I would like to try the lg g8s. Anyone has tried it?

Razi Ismail says:

Nice picture look like nikon

DrHouse2004 says:

9:05 Tony Stark?

DrHouse2004 says:

4k only 30fps fhd 60fps

DrHouse2004 says:

That guy maybe use only auto mode! Manuel mode at night its the best for photo shot

DrHouse2004 says:

Yeah the selfie camera ion my v30 ts a piece of shit! Only 5 mp during 2 years of using I never use front camera outside

Znematic Travel says:

Awesome thank you

John Thornley says:

Your review is fabulous. Really well structured and presented. I've ordered my V30+ having been running a V20 and I am drawn very much to the imaging and audio this magnificent phone has to offer. Selfies? Who cares. F1.6 OMG. Thank you Juan. Superb. Yes, I have subscribed.

Darrell Carter says:

Don't give a f,,,,,k about selfeeee love the rest of all the cameras and what it can do , just got an LG 30

Bernice Panders says:

So… You start out saying it's the best content creation camera phone, say it's got the best wide angle, control, etc. Then spend the following 10 minutes shitting on everything!? Which is it??

mostafa akram says:

I've owned the v30 for 3 months now, the phone is perfect except the cameras, as a person who owned Samsung before i have to say that Samsung is way better with the image clarity especially when you zoom in, in the v30 the pictures alway look blurred and not crisp like the other phones.

Mahmoud Shatnawi says:

10:28 first time I ultimately disagree with you

Property And Malaga says:

The selfie camera and video is much better with the updates end of 2018

Makoto Sekai says:

now that I think about it. I would like to have lg v30. I have lg v20 and we are using t mobile's two year contract. My lg v20 is having a loads of problems. The phone won't vibrate with tap or notification, the performance that used to outstand is now getting a bit slow, and even experiencing lags! But I remember there is a google pixel now but I can't decide which one of the two phones should I get if I am still in this contract. Do you guys have any suggestions?

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