LG V20 Real Camera Review: 2 sensors, 3 mics, and a ton of control | Pocketnow

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The LG V20 has some pretty big shoes to fill, and at a time where more companies are experimenting with dual camera setup. Boasting new image processing, better image stabilization, and improved audio capture, how did this beast of a phone fair during our tests? Let’s take a look!
Real Camera Review playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVFAMfBtzHQFIJjvxedBe0XeuBDwu62Jt
LG V20 Camera Tour https://youtu.be/RXY19n1wiqM

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LG V20 Real Camera Review: 2 sensors, 3 mics, and a ton of control | Pocketnow



Del says:

I don't see how notifications appearing are a deal breaker when snapping pics. If you have your phone set up in a tripod and are doing photo sets you are going to put it into airplane mode anyway. Or if you are recording in general for Youtube or whatever else.

momo simo says:

your video top

momo simo says:

please lg g4 g5 g6 v10 v20 or v30 ???i buy v30 but low light bad

Andrei Andreev says:

Getting this one for $160. Hope it's not a lemon 🙂


who has the better video camera lg v20 or a iphone se

ricomajestic says:

Excellent Review!

Kenoji8 says:

I know this is an odd question, but what is the second to last song in this review? For months I have been trying to find that song with no success. Anyways, thanks for the detailed work showing what the V20 can do. You guys really helped in my decision to get it. 🙂

Jimmy Thd says:

I know my chances of getting a response are low considering when the video was posted, but what is your opinion of using the (google)pixel camera app instead of the auto mode on this phone

Nibedita Chakraborty says:

Portrait mode is available or not?

Shariful Islam Sohan says:

Hey,isn't the main camera has 1/2.6" Sesor?!!.

HookSet_Ninja says:

Any one knows the name of that flower plant @ 1:31 purplish color

suneesh stephen says:

got mine finally…for AUD$ 340

BlackBoyBanter says:

The LG v20 selfie camera absolutely sucks and Idk why any tech reviewers have went into detail about this. I copped the v20 couple days ago and while everything on the camera is great the front facing selfie camera is terrible. The majority of third party camera apps use the wide view sensor as the default like snap chat for example and I can't get a good selfie with the wide view sensor and the wide view sensor is lesser quality than the standard sensor. LG v20 is awesome but the selfie camera is a BIG deal breaker.

Abdulla Al Faiyaz says:

i m interested to buy this phone after 1 year……is it a good pick compare to today's market ?? @Juan

Miscunknown says:

let's be honest, most people who use auto mode on smart phone cameras are usually not professional photographers who would even care or realize how their shots could be improved or where the camera is "lacking". It certainly seems that the LG V20 was made with content creation in mind for those more interested in manually adjusting their shots and the auto mode is just there for the consumers who just want the V20 as a nice phone.

Benjamin Lehto says:

What stylus are you using in your videos?

Alfred Hendrik says:

Any idea how to set the settings for a streaking tail light shots?

Paul Timothy Lavado says:

Makes me excited for the V30!

European says:

God, why do they kill off great phones so quick. They also don't seem to sell it in Europe at all. With disappointments from Finland.

RojasTKD7 says:

I just picked up an LG V20 thinking it could replace my Axon 7 as my primary phone, mainly because I expected the camera to be superior especially in low light.

Unfortunately after my first day of photo testing the auto mode as proven to be much worse in auto mode compared to my Axon 7. I'll have to play with manual mode and see how that performs, but at times auto mode is the only real option to catch those fleeting moments.

Sad LG can make an auto mode that superior to phone at a much lower price point or older models.

For now the Axon 7 will remain my main phone and continue to learn the in and outs of the V20. Maybe they will finally update the software and add some camera improvements, especially in auto mode.

LG better step up their game with the V30, especially as they are likely to drop a feature or to that keeps them on my redar (likely removable battery and possibly IR blaster).

Charismatic Batman says:

i have problem with the wide angle,everytime i switch to wide angle,its just dark and the camera app crashes
i tried all fixes including clear cache and factory reset,helppppppp,i just got mylgv20 and love it so far but that camera problem is really annoying and makes me upset

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