LG G8 ThinQ Camera Review – Bokeh for Days

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LG is debuting a brand new front-facing camera experience with the G8 ThinQ, which features an upgraded sensor as well as a new Time-of-Flight, or TOF camera. This creates the best portrait mode and front-facing camera photos ever seen on an LG phone, and that’s just the start of the changes. A refreshed camera UI is easier to use than ever, and LG’s powerful manual photography and videography modes are industry-leading.

Full gallery of photos on Flickr.com:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157706437568181

Filmed on LG V40 ThinQ

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Portraito Netelo says:

Thank God didn't wait to buy the G8. Camera looks horrible to me. S10 shots are better than G8 I felt. Recently, installed a Gcam port for night shots on my s10 – it simply rules now!

LokiDaFerret says:

Honestly I see very little difference in all of these photos as you are just so Mother F-ing handsome. 😁

But I can definitely say you have too much $$$ since you have so many nice phones.

Harys Viewty says:

No night view bright mode in video recording?

Daniel Betancourt says:

My preorder came in early through tmobile. Loving it! I actually like it more than ghe S10e I upgraded from

Panino Manino says:

The only good LG G was the G4.

Harsh Kale says:

Just install Gcam if u don't like night view…to take low light photos.

Xtechi says:

Officially my go to channel for camera reviews

Arruda K says:

Prefere the v40 the g8

Lee Taylor-Lawrence says:

Love your camera reviews!

Jamil Johnson says:

LG kill this year with that camera wow and display

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