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Liam Lo says:

Thanks for the great review. How is the quality of JPEG straight out of the camera without editing? Will the colours look dull?

GSP03 says:

saving up for it now

Mind. Art. Creativity. says:

Beautiful photographs! The color images remind me very strongly of Fuji's Classic Chrome (which I shoot and love on my X-H1 and X-Pro3. It shouldn't be a surprise though, as Thorsten Overgaard says that Leica models their sensors after Kodachrome filmstock and a lot of people say that Fuji's Classic Chrome is kind of a Kodachrome simulation.

Peter Rose says:

So if you buy the "Q" it's less thank half the price of the Q2. It's also a nice camera, I had one!

Mark T says:

The Q2 has been a near perfect travel camera. The sensor and lens combo is just crazy and I like the external charger as you can throw it in a day pack with a power bank limiting the need for too many extra batteries, as they are kind of pricey. Being able crop in and have zero problems is such a nice thing, it beats out my big Sony and selection of lenses which just became a pain to carry. Not too sure about it being a gateway camera, but I do want one of their monochrome sensor bodies and a 28.

Michael Deckstein says:

I used and owned Leica Q Q2 M240 M10. Sold them all and returned to Canon EOS R + RF lenses which to my oppinion are the best on the world. I could not live with arrogance and price politics of Leica and Photos App V 2.0 WiFi is absolute rubbish (simply does not work at all) and costs you 60 $ per year (even if purchasing a 10 k Leica system. No thanks… ;-))

Wei Yang says:

I didn't want to like this video only because it makes me want one even more.

Kuba's Kamera says:

Anyone here had experienced issues with dust (on the sensor or on the EVF)on the Q2?

Aswin Sastrowardoyo says:

I have been loving this camera since I bought it last year. I was told that I was the third person to get it after preordering in my country. Just like you, I also use the BW Film Style, but I almost always use the BW HC mode. The images are superb out of the camera. Like you said, this is a gateway to the Leica cameras. I now use the M3 and the MP film cameras for film besides the Q2 in digital.

Stadtkind32 says:

I can transfer RAW files via WiFi from my old old Canon 6D and later with the M50 to my iphone, so I kinda don't get the excitement for the Q2 doing the same thing. Other than that, I would very much like to get my hands on a Q2 in the near future. I believe every photographer does, even those who openly diss it 🙂

Des Kodur says:

FFS "What's up guys" "my go to" x 2 and then I switched off.

Becker Inal says:

Owned it all, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony. Traded in my Leica M 240 with 50mm Summilux and 28 Elmarit for the Q and never ever looked back. Amazing Camera with stunning image quality. Cheers,

Carrington Visuals says:

I love my Leica Q. I have the original one and I was blown away by the images coming out of it. So much so, that I got an M10 as well after the Q. I wish I could justify the Q2, but I like the original just fine.

JK Grooms says:

Great review. What about the ability to shoot video – like to document a hike? 'Gateway drug' – good one!

Sameer Shah says:

Which raw files do you find easier to work with and edit, Canon or Leica? Also, do you mind sharing your in camera B&W JPG settings?

lavisin says:

where did you get the handgrip and thumb up grip?

Frank Jeschke says:

What is your battery time , how many pics roundabout?

Red Red says:

The Q’s are Leica Gateway cameras… think twice before you get your hands on one😉
Amazing images!!

Chazyfizzlez says:

I also shoot with a Q2 and it's my absolute favorite EDC camera. Always in the bag or around my neck when I head out the door. I shot with Fujifilm for my personal work prior to the Q and am just blown away by the images from the Q. So much better in my opinion. The rendering is simply just magical. 30 megapixels in 35mm crop with a depth of field equivalent of 35mm F2 you get more shallow depth of field than the fuji x100 which helps with portraits. The OIS is stellar as I can shoot nightscapes down to 1/5 of a second. Monochrome is fabulous as you mentioned! Epic camera, great review!

IDaumI says:

The Q experience is similar to a Fuji, or even Sony. The M is a totally different beast.

Saad Q says:

I dont think you can xfr RAW files to mobile device unless you pay for an annual $50 subscription for FOTOS Pro app

Benoit PIRET says:

Ive been on the fence a lot about getting the 1.4/28 for my M10 but then its the same price or more as the Q2 and the Q2 offers:
– more res (today until M11)
– AND macro (which I use a lot)
– AND optical stabilization which is really great
– AND AF (even if not the best its AF)
– and actually a second body (weather sealed) so I can just switch between Q2 and m10 with the 50mm

So for now its a no brained "for me". Unless you really want the M10 OVF experience etc… of course

rumtreibbaer says:

Leica is 'want', The X100V is more 'have'….5000€ vs. 1500€ makes a difference…

Adventure & Art says:

Nice review. My favorite Digital camera ever.

Benoit PIRET says:

The best camera is the one you can carry all the time

Benoit PIRET says:

Im on the same boat, worst, I also got a M10 now lol…. M10+50mm summilux + the Q2 is perfect travel combo.
What RAW converter you use? Im having a hard time with LR and Q2 skin tones

Rubeluke says:

Hey great review, thanks for confirming my purchase of the Q2 that I purchased 3 weeks ago. Agree with your review. I was also going to buy a Fuji Xpro 3 or the X100V, and wait for the EOSR 5-6 as SAM LUCAS mentioned in an earlier post, but I didn't want to wait. So far I love it and this maybe the gateway camera to an M10 or the eventual M11. Cheers!!

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