Leica Q2 REVIEW! Is this the Perfect EVERYDAY camera?

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Written Review: http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2019/03/27/the-leica-q2-real-world-review-and-experience-worth-the-5k/

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More on the Leica Q2 with samples and my thoughts on the camera. Is it the perfect every day carry camera? For some it could be but let’s take a look.


H4n Mil says:

A perfect everyday camera will hav a good full frame sensor with that amazing lens, good battery life, weather sealing, great AF even in low light and a price tag below USD1200… which will never exist. Q2 is a great camera, but not sth u call perfect, at that price range and that low light performace.. nope. It's more niche than the RX1/X100 series..

Becker Inal says:

You can buy 1000 coffee makers or 10 refrigerators or 8 washer/dryer or even 10 year old BMW for the price of the Q – but you should get the Q instead :)))

Antonio Dell'Elce says:

I appreciate your positivity… 🙂

Sean Robert Ramuno says:

I appreciate your review and knowledge of the Leica brand. I am going for the original Q. I think I would like weather sealing, but I will not shoot in the rain. The Q is my next Leica. Thank you!

Suresh Moolgavkar says:

It is important to note that the metering is apparently based on the focal length crop used. Therefore, cropping on a computer after shooting at 28 mm is NOT equivalent to using the crop on camera. In some lighting situations, it could make a substantial difference.

Marty Varon says:

I loved your review because you confirmed my decision to buy the Q just as the Q2 was coming out. My reasons were 1. The price, since the price of the Q dropped to around $4000 or less, and 2. I didn't want to deal with 47 MP. Even when one crops to a higher mm lens, the raw file is still full frame or 25 MP for the Q and 47 MP for the Q2. One improvement that others have mentioned is the viewfinder is noticeably better which is OLED in the Q2 than the Q. I haven't seen a Q2 myself. I will say that I wish the viewfinder had a better eye shade. Light can come in from the side, making it difficult to see the image. For me, $4000 was a splurge, but worth it. I love the camera.

Jeroen Hartings says:

Whats that intro song called?

Gewglesux says:

This will be Many people's gateway in the world of Leica. Starting with me.
Thanks for the review.

Axel Cordes says:

Fully agree on your ISO and MPix comment! So let's see what the Zeiss ZX1 will bring to us. Looking forward to… Cheers Axel

eva eriksson says:

Some people are totally obsessed with resolution and sharpness.. Thats all they look at. They base their opinion on cameras and lenses just by how sharp it can render.. Thats BS if you ask me

Howard Davidson says:

Refreshingly good description of the Leica Q2..

Benjamin Jehne says:

I understand Leica with the decision to go for high Mpix. The ability to crop to 35mm or 50mm with enough pixel left, is great. What they should do is, to go for a Q2r and a Q2s. One with a lot of Mpix and the other with the max possible ISO performance.
For me, this Q2 is very interesting. Also the price, if you compare it to something like the Rx1rII.

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