Leica Q2 Review | Incredible 47MP Full Frame Compact Camera

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We go hands on with the brand new Leica Q2, a fantastic full frame compact camera with an incredible 47.3 Megapixel Sensor. Available here:

The Leica Q2 houses a 47.3 Megapixel, full frame sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range. We took it out for some landscape photography and portrait photography as well as some video to see how it handles.

That incredible resolution gives you a lot of options both in post and in camera with the available crop modes. The image quality is fantastic and the design of the camera itself is lovely.

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fotobyjp says:

Every image looked amazing. Makes me consider selling my seven cameras and two dozen lenses.
I do think they should work on a cropped image full screen preview though.

Easy Bee says:

Could you test the video af?

michrun says:

I would give anything to afford this camera…..anyone in need of a kidney, or maybe a left eye (sorry I'm right eye dominate, which is Perfect for the Q2, so need that one). Thinking of selling ALL my other cameras to get this. Not sure I'd need anything else. Plenty of pixels all the way to 50mm. Would probably use 35mm a Lot.

Bokeh Street says:

When using the crop mode, does the camera adjust what you see to fill the viewfinder?

Richard Jones says:

Fair play there’s some dumb comments on here. I’ve never been interested in Leica cameras and for the last couple of years I’ve been using a Fuji X100f after many years of lugging around a FF Nikon system. I had come to the end of the road with deciding if I would take the Nikon and what lens or lenses I would also take and most of the time I would leave it at home and use my phone, just for the ease of it. Fast forward to the X100f and it was freedom even with the fixed lens. So this new Q2 with a 47mp FF sensor really interests me, not as expensive as most people believe it to be.


Will it take filters? The landscapes on this video are poor in my openion!

Streets of Vancouver says:

Sony RX1R III had better have 4K UHD if it plans to compete with this beast of a camera…

Bryan Campbell says:

Fantastic portraits and video. Lovely colors and bokeh. I had the first Q and my order is in for the Q2.

hyprz says:

You have to be stupid to buy a Leica

Kemal Sirin Guitar says:

No low light shots? Wtf

Tony Cruse says:

Do people buy Leica for the video? I would be happier if they left if off the camera.
Good review thank you. Lots of quality pixels to play with!

Sans35 says:

Thanks for the great review!
Question, is it true that in video mode, there is no manual exposure settings?

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