Leica Q2 First Impressions Review

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This week Chris and Jordan take the new Leica Q2 for a spin, and while most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are welcoming spring, they head even farther north than usual to visit ice castles. Because #Canada.

Special thanks to the Edmonton Ice Castle!

Music provided by Beatsuite.com

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pierre pouget says:


My Opinion Doesn't Matter says:

2:50 ^^

6re6ory says:

I would love to see a Leica drop test.

MumboJumbo21 says:

I see Chris and Jordan, I watch and like.

EduarFilms says:

what is so special about Leica cameras? Why are they so expensive?

photo Man says:

If it struggles in low light with AF time to manual focus, whats wrong with taking your time with a 28mm lens? Don't shoot JPEGS. That's great there isn't a dedicated video button no one is buying this for video they could have just left video completely out of the camera. My only complaint which you said nothing about is how there is no reasonable way to trigger the shutter when it's on a tripod for a say 4 second exposure?? The build & IQ is suburb the menu's are easy to use more so than any other camera out there. you can easily customize the buttons your own way.

Taylor Gilmore says:

Swinging that Leica gave me anxiety

phuzzz82 says:

Leica… I'm afraid its a no from me…

Josh Chow Photography says:

Price of M …damn

rob wishart says:

Your concern with JPEG color is alarming. I hope Leica fixes the problem. Thanks.

Luke C says:

Funny how with Leica you can't just say "it's slow, AF is terrible, buttons no good, EVF bad, no ports, doesn't have good video manual, total waste of money".
How much longer does the legacy of this brand deserve our fealty?

stan says:

Amazing ice corridors. For some reason, I feel like renting The Shining.

Fauxtaku Lounge says:

Do I understand it correctly that the Q2, like the Q, relegates half stops to the sub-dial? I wish they'd implement the Leica M style shutter dial with half stops.

Dennis Lim says:

2:46 – Best Video Ever!
Please spin-dry every camera moving forward. This should be a Chris Signature Move.

Fauxtaku Lounge says:

Shame about the buffer.

Elvir Redzepovic says:

Shit camera for overpaid dentists and Leica-talibans.

vinay nagdev says:


PinchnerHouse says:

Handsome camera and the red dot 🔴, that’s all you need in a camera.

cp dukes says:

An unromantic and undeferential review. Refreshing.

Lau Bjerno says:

Did you ever review a camera that you were not "really excited" to test?

Nolan Snook says:

I have a Q2 and this is a really immature style of review. I would hide the thumbnail circulating if I were you. Kids, do you really think this review appeals to someone that can afford a $5k camera? Not …..

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