Leica Q2 camera overview

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Leica’s Q2 has landed! It looks a lot like the original, but has a ton of improvements inside and out. Get all the details in our first look video.
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Andrew Lazarev says:

Sony RX1R II is better choice

Angelo Fechter says:

never have seen a more stupid product to waste ur money on than this

Tracy Daniel Davis says:

Leica is a joke. Sure, good images but the prices are just hilariously stupid.

Robert Benton says:

Extremely limiting at only 28mm similar to a large Iphone. I'm in if a real zoom version is ever available, 28 to 85mm at F2.8 would be nice.

rendezvous009 says:

Welcome to the snob channel, here we present another Leica product

Yippie says:

@ $4000 I can see many Leica fans saving up and stepping up to the Q2. Just like they did with the original Q. Many of whom that was their first Leica camera. It was expensive but attainable and justifiable for many. However, @ $5000, WTF? Technology advances in the course of four years time and costs come down. You shouldn't be monetarily penalized for the implementation of the newest tech. I was going to buy this at its original price but not anymore. I refuse to shell out 5 grand for something that will be outdated in five years time and that is undeserving of a 25% price hike. Leica has officially turned me off to their brand.

Terme Bergamo says:

Who the heck wants 28mm. Also… why the stupid hat?

신상규 says:


nandi123 says:

Get rid of that hat.

fritzv46 says:

Regarding WEATHER SEALING on the Q2.
Leica claims that the weather sealing is IP52.

-The #5 represents infiltration of dust, reading: "Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; complete protection against contact".

–The #2 represents protection against infiltration of liquids; "Vertically dripping water shall have no harmful effect when the enclosure is tilted at an angle up to 15° from its normal position."

Question >>> If my new Leica Q2 allows dust or water to enter through the lens or body joints will they repair or replace camera no questions asked while under warranty (2 yrs correct?) or will they claim '"MIS-USE / ABUSE" if dust or water entered the camera in conditions other than specified in the IP52 standard?

I carry my camera every day. I walk down dusty streets and roads and often there are winds and or gusts of winds kicking up dust. Also when out shooting in rain I protect my camera under my coat till I am shooting BUT there are often wind blown rain drops hitting the camera. Far more invasive than the 15 degree angle that the IP52 protects against.

Anybody want to offer some thoughts without me calling Leica for an answer?


SwitchRich says:

I bet that having 5 grand in your hand feels better.

JAZZ MAN says:

I must be easily pleased, I’m chuffed with my Zorki 4 and lens as old as myself.

Ken Konard says:

And only $5,000? How do you shoot wildlife?

constantinos schinas says:

leica. the apple of photography. rotten, as it goes.

Obsidian17 says:

$5000!!! I wonder what’s it like to be able to blow that kind of money on a camera that is so…well…lacking. I want to be Leica rich one day…

Michael Ma says:

Native ISO of 50? Nice.

tony james says:

"What do you think of my street photography?"
-"Its not very good, it's just people walking in a street, no creativity at all".
"But I've presented my work in B&W".
"I used a Leica"
-"My apologies, it's outstanding work you are obviously far more enlightened than me, quick question why aren't you wearing any clothes?"
"Well I've got this special tailor…."

Wave Dancer says:

It is for sure a fine camera! But I stick with my X100F and use the money for travelling! The weather resistance of the Q2 s a joke!

Sonnie Loyola says:

Shut up and take my…? Their money!

SecretAgentJames says:

Stop whinging about price and continue using your mobile phone camera.

steve blow says:

Leica LOL so cheap

Michael Mystro Pierce says:

$5,000…as I spit out my coffee lol

Adam F says:

Chris and Jordan please…

edmendoza photography says:

Where’s the Dynamic Duo?!

lavapix says:

16mm with crop features would be nice.

Errol Smith says:

"…feels great in the hand" Really? That thing is a smooth box with Zero grip? Man, these guys are something!!

Mel Enriquez says:

I like how you review, the pacing, the properr emphasis and all. I hope you do all the presention and 2-5 min intro of products for DPR in the future!

Good work!

Myrmidon says:

28mm seems pretty wide for a fixed-lens camera. The again most people are comfortable with the focal length as most phones are around a 28mm equivalent.

I'd much prefer a 35mm or even a 50mm but then again my opinion doesn't matter because I'd never get this camera anyway.

Gustavo Ulloa says:

Best review at this time… Also, the better photos!

Noealz Photo says:

Woke up to this – looks awesome but affordable lol

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