Leica Q Hands-On Field Test

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The new Leica Q Type 116 combines classic Leica M looks with a full frame, fixed lens compact. Does it live up to the Leica Heritage? TCSTV’s Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake take to the streets of Calgary to find out.

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Order the Leica Q from The Camera Store:

Shot and edited by Jordan Drake
Shot on the Panasonic GH4 with V-Log L Profile


Stephan Winter says:

only on card slot so bad 😉

* * says:

You telling me they're limiting exposure, shutter speed and apature control??? How can you even call this a camera. An a6300/6500 is way better for a quarter of the price!

Yitzchal Levi says:

Lova ya Chris, but count how many times you said "now…" in this episode… 150+ times?

Jon Void says:

Why would yo buy a Mercedes or a Porsche? Leica it's kind of the same thing

Nick Hanlin says:

Were you shooting on auto….? Seemed a little all over the place

Becker Inal says:

When you are so used to an Appliance like Sony, you'll review this way 🙂

SenorQuill says:

Leica is all about the money. If they charged a fair price people wouldn't buy them because they wouldn't be the most expensive camera. They are for rich dudes, people who are gullible to advertising and hipster douchebags.

Cesar Perez says:

Great camera no doubt about it, but for your average consumer because of the price, ill stick to my x100F

David Mays says:

Love your videos Chris and this one especially. Will buy a Q soon.

Nikon Alaska says:

Just another overrated brand.

Mint Slice says:

since when does colin farrell review cameras

Sunghwa Mun says:

Can I use zoom when I’m recording a video? Thank you for good review 🙂

John Smith says:

I'm looking for a under $500 camera, how I ends here? lol

Spence Frederick Wedding Photography says:

Great review. Eloquent and informative. Thanks.

Lebensessenz says:

Would love to try this camera. But the price… One day maybe 😀

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