Leica Q Digital Camera Review: Is It Worth $4,250?

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June 10 — When you think of Leica, you probably don’t think digital. This is because until now, Leica’s digital cameras have either been point-and-shoots or fake-vintage rangefinders with a sensor in place of film. That changes today. Bloomberg’s Stephen Pulvirent has a first look at the new Leica Q. (video by: Zach Goldstein and Ryo Ikegami)

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I've used the Q for many of my travels. It is excellent and well worth the cost. What many people don't know is that it has the same sensor as the Leica SL. If you want to buy a lens of this size you are looking at paying at least $3000 to $5000. Well worth the cost!

Paul Bentley says:

yes. because its brilliant

Chi Zhang says:

the 28mm summilux alone cost over 4k, however i wish they would use a 28mm Elmarit instead to cut down on size and weight

james cook says:

Was the video recorded by the Leica Q?

Peter H says:

Fantastic camera, not flawless though.  Should be 35mm not 28mm for a fixed street shooter. Seems to be a fingerprint magnet too.  I'm sure it will be a good seller by Leica standards.

Pieter says:

Yes, if you are willing to pay 1500 dollars for the name Leica

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