Leica M10-R Hands-on Review

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The M10-R is Leica’s newest rangefinder camera, making the jump to a 40MP sensor. We take a look at what’s new in our Leica M10-R review. Full resolution Raw photos from this episode: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/7410958786

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Fellow Citizen says:

3:03 Strange, I'm unfamiliar – must be Québécois slang 😉

Juesterduester says:

Jordan, are you testing us again like you did with 90d episode? This episodes was far below your usual standards. The walk and talk section was rather choppy, the background noises sometimes quite pronounced and the editing not super coherent. Big fan usually, but this felt a bit rushed.

Tyler says:

Are their any houses for sell on that street? It sounds like a great place to live.

James Lenney says:

I love how much he’s always disliked Leica. It’s like the concept of something that is built for second, third-hand or even lifetime usage is irrelevant and not worthy of mention. Technicals are the only comparisons.

Adham Davenport says:

I didn't know that Chris was American? He didn't have a mask on in the intro!

Bela Acs says:

A perfect camera (digital) for Leica snobs. Fewer features for more money.

Alexander Kartchinski says:

Hysterical. Keep up the foul language elements :). Review is outstanding, of course.

のぢGrey says:

For a company whose entire philosophy is putting a premium on quality design and engineering; the very fact that you can find physical design and engineering flaws after their 20th+ iteration of the same camera after 100 years, speaks volumes about how much Leica respects their consumer base.

Mike Wolters says:

A Rich peoples Gadget,… 
This camera is not for photographers anymore since we go digital,…
Only buy it for status if you have a certain kind of friends,…

Jeffrey B. says:

Have an x pro 3…not sure if this is worth the price difference. Huge respect for leica build quality, but frankly the fuji is just about equal…..just not the "lable" or "status" ….. sort of an old story. But funds are not infinite for many of us. I wanted to switch but this camera is simply too expensive. That simple. If 2000 or 3000 dollars…..then it would be a fair fight…and Leica would win. But not by much.

John Bowyer says:

Is the shadow booster built-in to the body or a software adjustment in post production? If built-in, is it variable adjusted. Thankyou for your insightful review. John

Paul Ortiz says:

Why is anyone still trying to perfect 1950's technology? (and still missing!)

Kristian Skylstad says:

You guys are getting better and better. This is like Camera Comedy Central. Brilliant.

wwwvisitor says:

Same people who buy Ferrari. Have money, will show off.

john marsland says:

use the rangefinder to focus…. might as well just use a fuji if you want to see an evf

Rob Macdonald says:

Nodding like I was considering buying it, but knowing I'll never buy it.

Kenneth Lui says:

I can buy two R5s at the cost of this Leica.

Karl Shaw says:

Leica is outdated, outmoded and there’s scores of mirrorless cameras that blow it away. Leica is a fashion accessory for wannabe shooters, mid life crisis baby boomers or young people who’s daddies have a shit ton of cash. I’ve been shooting Leicas for 44 years. They’re film cameras. Digitally, they’ll never excel other brands that are out there.

TheSololobo says:

If you weren't discouraged from buying or dreaming of a Leica M10R after watching this video then Chris failed.

Robert Grenader says:

Great review. But, OMG, $9000? C'mone folks, how many Bank Presidents, Surgeons, former Prime Ministers and Saudi Oil Shieks are into Photography?

KiloOneThree says:

Cracking cold open! 🤣🤣🤣

Marc Chan says:

Despite whatever one says about Leica you gotta give points to Chris and his great camera fashion sense! Super digging the ultra minimalist style and rockin a camera slinger. Pew pew pew! Lol Just enough hipster vibe as to not be over the top! Well done

R.J. Cichocki says:

Thanks Chris for slowing down the intro. After all these videos it still took me a few repeats to figure out what you were saying. lol

三分钟玩家 says:

I am surprised by the quality of Lumix S1H, that's incredible

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