Leica M10-P Unbox and Shutter Sound Comparison

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Better late than never. I finally got a copy of the new-ish Leica M-10P to review; and since it was new-in-box I decided to start with an unboxing video. To make it less boring, I also decided to do a shutter sound test between the M10-P with some film M bodies as well as the older generation digital M246. I have a couple of weeks to review the latest and greatest M10-P, so look for a first shooting impressions review in the coming weeks.

*One thing I mention in the video and at the time of recording I did not have confirmation was about the body vibration during shutter release. Although the shutter is quieter on the M10, there appeared to be more body vibration once the shutter closed. I have confirmed that what I was feeling is the dampening system that softens the sound but creates a slight body vibration. However, this mechanism is after exposure, so it does not introduce any shake while shooting. I will be doing some real world testing to confirm this, and so far I have been very comfortable shooting at low shutter speeds with little shake.

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Jose Carpin says:

I was a had enough money to buy a M10… god… I wish… My dream camera! http://www.josecarpin.com

Yankee Rider says:

Lol I feel like only Leica people could call the M240 shutter loud 😂 I have an M240 and the shutter, while certainly audible, is far from loud to me, coming from learning on a Nikon FM and Hasselblad 500CM. It’s certainly quiet enough for my needs.

mariogpx says:

I know the Leica it’s a full frame high end camera and the mechanism it’s different but shutter sound on x100f it’s quieter.

Andrew says:

when you get your leica, would you rather have a box with a giant red dot on your doorstep that tells you there is big expensive stuff inside or just some box that could just contain a couple pairs of socks?

Robbie Swan says:

I think the original M10 has the best sounding shutter.


What happens if you turn the screw that’s in front? Does it start adjusting the rangefinder? Or is it just a cover?

Konstantin Sukhov says:

Strange thing. I feel an M-A film leica costs reasonable, but M-10/M10-P — absolutely overpriced

nel son says:

7k usd for 5fps? nah. il wait for xpro3. i dnt have that much mney anyway 😂

StansburyStudiosInc says:

Dood. If you would have just turned the M10-P's shutter to 1/4" or 1/2" or 1" you would have felt the post vibration right there.

CollectiveMindz says:

I thought the Leica M10-P only came in black? My mind is blown.

Rediscover Film says:

That M10-P is almost as quiet as the X-H1 shutter. But you don’t feel anything on X-H1.

Robert Turner says:

Which classic Leica M lenses can be used on the Leica M10-P? What are the shortcomings if those lenses are not “coded” by Leica? Thanks.

SuperPussyFinger says:

It's worth picking up a 1ft power cord on Amazon for eight bucks. It's a perfect replacement cable for the Leica charger. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CMWIVEG/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Sketchmee5 says:

Why is a Leica camera without the Red Dot? This is almost a blasphemy to the tradition!

name's ash, housewares says:

i like a loud shutter

just me says:

Materialistic blablabla. Shut up and make photo's.

Kevin X says:

I have a silver Leica M10. But still jealous your quieter shutter sound.

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