Leica M10-D review: An old-school digital camera

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With its latest M10-D, Leica aims to remove digital distractions for photographers by replacing the LCD display with a mechanical dial. It’s even got a fold-out thumb rest in the form of a film advance lever. Bobby Tonelli shares his thoughts on what it feels to use the Leica M10-D.


Gunston Gun says:

still prefer your MP 0.72 black paint over it?

Hogarth Ferguson says:

Reviews m10d
Uses external vf

:Visible confusion:

Joseph Chan says:

Great sharing with beautiful scene. Video seem like took it at Chinatown Singapore. Cheers

Andrew Hensley says:

Kinda wish you would’ve not had the “tech360.tv” on the screen the whole video

Ben says:

I want to get into photography, but all this autofocus and stabilization bullshit has washed away the kind of camera I want. I just want a digital camera that works exactly like old cameras except for having a screen on the back to look at shot. But no touchscreen or anything like that, just a way to look at the shot and menu settings. Leica is insanely expensive, I really don't understand how those prices are justified, that's nearly as much as the cheapest new car available these days. Must be because a bunch of fucktards are willing to shell out that kind of cash, they artificially inflated the market. I'm fine with the limitations of not having the newer tech, I'd happily use a tripod and be limited in the shots I can take. Guess I'll just get a beginner DSLR of some kind and deal with the stuff I don't like and shoot in manual mode and hope some of Leica's ideas distill down into the regular market. Not likely, everyone is still all wowed by all the fancy new options. Bummer, I want true simplicity and affordability.

Pang B says:

Half In focus samples pictures… street photography with Leica don’t shoot wide open especially with our screen to check.

John Taylor says:

Leica should of made the wind on lever functional like on the Epson RD-1.

DezFoto says:

Doesn’t always using the EVF kind of defeat the point of this camera?

B c says:

Yes it’s different but is it a 60k different?

Levente Kolcsar says:

just turn off the automatic picture review and distracting lcd dialogs, and check after the critical moments

Michael Galvez says:

Thats $8,000 DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Film Photography Channel says:

Great review! Stop by my channel for all you ever wanted to know about film cameras!

Mark Keohane says:

I bought three excellent Nikon film bodies – two F3s, one of which is mint, and a mint FE2 – plus three f/1.4 lenses – 35, 50 and 85mm, the whole lot for 30% the cost of an M10-D with no glass.

I have to ask the question: why would you pay £6,500 (in the UK) plus another £4-5k for some glass for a camera essentially designed to replicate using film? Or am I missing something?

I can tell you, it would have to be some sort of special experience to match the fun and pleasure I have with my Nikons.

Perhaps I'd better hire me a Leica so I can see what I'm missing.

So you have to wait for the films to be processed and scanned and returned. So what? As the man said, he went to film to slow down and stop messing about with a screen all the time. Same reason as me. Seems to me if you pop off a load of shots, unrestricted by limitations on the number of shots on your film, while you're just itching to get to a cafe to sit and see what you've got but wondering if you have enough battery left to run the wifi long enough to get the images onto your phone, which may or may not have enough spare storage on it….well,then perhaps it's half defeating the object. Chill. Rewind your film while mentally recapping what you think you got. Send it off. Wait a few days. And, while you're waiting, pop another roll of film in and get out and shoot some more.

Or, as I say, am I missing something?

Arcsecant says:

You fools all think that it's a phony film advance lever that does nothing, but it's purpose is to drain your bank account. Keep using it.

Ting SK says:

Nice that you are shooting at my hometown, Singapore. You're great looking but I maintain my opinion that Leica isn't worth it.

Greg Schmigel says:

Oops spoke too soon. Thank you Santa! Merry Christmas.

Joe Lopez says:

It sounds like a great camera and a great concept. That Leica price though…

Jas Mann says:

Thanks, that was a really nice review. Now, the 10 people that might be able to afford one, or are actually stupid enough to buy one (because most other smaller cameras will do the same job) can go out and get one. Look forward to more Leica whore reviews 👍

Richard Eshun says:

This is just like the Epson RD-1 without the screen. awesome

Lawrence P says:

May I know what is the D stand for? thx

Tony Cruse says:

Love your enthusiasm. Simplicity and the activity of shooting is why I like Leica.

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