Leica M 240 – Hands-on Review

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The BP has got his hands on a Leica M 240, which means Kai gets to fiddle about it first and do a little review on it. The Typ 240 is taken out on the streets of Central, HK for a spot of street photography with a tasty Noctilux 50mm f/0.95(http://bit.ly/Leica50mm)

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Sensor issues kept me away from M8 & M9 – M10 seems like a winner

blacklikepepper says:

shitty test, if everything is blurry…

Stacey Forget says:

Kai is a real bag whore. I can relate.

Arnesh Sengupta says:

That depth of field 💙

One of the best videos on this channel!

Deinien says:

Terrible value for the price these Leicas are.

Ckid Photography says:

It's Leic-a only M. Lol


What is the noice.

Kevin Escobar says:

I absolutely adore that yellow bag he’s carrying. Does anyone know where it’s from?

Fadil Enjezzz says:

His voice like white englishman

Dave Altizer says:

I’ve watched this video probably 6 times.

Fred Zhang says:

what bag is that

Savaria says:

I'd rather have that Rolleicord fed with a roll of Velvia 50.

Deckard Shaw says:

Just get a ricoh gr. Or 2. Or 3…….

rambo a says:

All that money for poorly engineered strap lugs but you do get those great blurry shots, what everyone wants…

Ryan Zijun Meng says:

8:15 毒!德味!

Sam Houghton says:

god is that camera a piece of shit

Joshua Uhm says:

Should I get the M262 or M240? So hard to decide.

Moise Ruiz says:

is it possible that the guy that makes the review also knows how to take good pictures?


Where did you find that princes? 🙂

Nando's says:

Leica is the Daimler or the Rolls Royce of cameras… There is no other brand that can match half of their quality. Even the old 35mm Leicas still go for thousands of dollars.

YE FENG says:


eddy1367 says:

These models always look so clueless and empty…

Voyager Uno says:

Do you realize that all the photos you took are blurred or out of focus?

George Washington says:

that shit costs 6000€

that said, i would still rather have sex with alamby than the model

MrZones21 says:

what is so special with this camera? like its 7000 euros holy effing shit!

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