LAVENDER iPHONE 11 UNBOXING + REVIEW + CAMERA TEST | Spilling the Tea on the iPhone 11 (literally)

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Today i’m testing out the new iPhone 11! Join Archie and I on our iPhone 11 Unboxing journey – we put the camera to the text against the iPhone 8+ and test out portrait mode, studio lighting, night mode, HDR mode, slow motion “slowfies” and more. We also test out it’s durability – is it REALLY waterproof?


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Thala Hash says:

I literally bought this phone because of this video. I had two months left on my monthly payments so I just paid it off. There happened to be a deal where you could get $350 for your old phone (I had an iphone 8, which means it normally would've only been worth $150 without this deal). So because of this, my new phone bill will be $20 cheaper and I get a MUCH nicer and MUCH cuter phone. It ended up being a really good financial decision for me but I never would've known to even check their website if it wasn't for this video (I haven't been keeping up with the new phones at all lol) so anyway, THANK YOU ALEX! 🙂 It's only been a day and a half and I'm already obsessed.

Nykia Smith says:

That’s a gorgeous bird 😍

Caroline Gutgsell says:

All i want for Christmas is a 10 hour video compilation of Archie playing in water.

Zuzanna2002 Czarnota says:

I want more Archie taking a shower it's so cute

Emily Halvorsen says:

Love that you take a shower with your bird as well !

Stephanie Mattox says:

I have the iPhone 11 now. I was using an iPhone 7 Plus. 🍎🍏

Kaylee Rennells says:

That background is so pretty!!

Rocío Bernal Arenas says:

Was the tea hot?

Point & Blank says:

PLS do a Case Haul for this phone! if possible from yesstyle! 🙂 I have the same phone(in black) and i'm to afraid to order. I'd love to know if those cases are any good, if possible. 🙂 I just want a cute case and don't know where from. The yesstyle ones are pretty nice but i never ordered from there.

belle chocolate says:

Water will only squeeze through teeny tiny holes under pressure. Water proof phone cases are only rated safe for certain depth because of the pressure under water

S. Lawrence says:

Doing tech reviews on your channel would be amazing as you’ve got a really good insight into the technology and the industry being a professional photographer yourself as well as having qualifications to go along with it so we know we can trust a view like yours with technology you would review

Cristine Bunveng says:

The macron inpods are cute and pastel I hope u review it👌🥰

Marissa Pierce says:

I love the purple, but I'm a galaxy user, no desire to ever switch back. I love skyrim! I just started playing this year!

Suvasa Wrightson says:


Misc. Mischief says:

i just became an iphone user and the video stuff was super helpful! showed me some features i didn't know i had. will totally be playing with the photo stuff. I have the same purple. 🙂

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