Kodak PlaySport Zx3 – Unbox, Review, & Test Footage

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AidanHals says:

Wtf am I doing here I have a GoPro

Alan Robbins says:

any problems you've had with the power recharge??

Capt Dave's Sport Fishing says:

so this is where you started out huh? With a "zed" Kodak. Me too. I used this cam so hard I ruined it on the outside. I'd like another. But a cell phone these days is just as good, with less battery power.

Лео Полищук says:

I've been using mine for 4 years and it is still perfectly working lol. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!! Should be 70 bucks at the most. Camera quality not the best and it has some other annoying minor issues. Amusement parks ONLY!

iftibashir says:

It needs an SD Card to record the video on to. You can't record anything without a SD Card in the first instance I'm afraid.

Arctic Aj says:

PLZ PLZ REPLY! can you upload videos to youtube without an sd card? PLZ PLZ REPLY!

BlackHawk Down says:

Zee = American Z
Zed = UK Z

iftibashir says:

It takes a SD Card. You can use either a SD Card Reader or the USB cable to import footage into your computer.

NSFJFKS : says:

I just bought this with a case and a 4 Go memory card for 60$!

Brandon Felihkatubbe says:

i just got mine it costs $99 at walmart

Anakin Skywalker says:

I had aPlaysport for almost 3 years now. Mine still works…

GodfatherMaxi says:

For motosport is good ? biking off road ?

iftibashir says:

Sorry I cant remember, it was almost 2 years ago now! I dont think its very expensive though ;o)

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