Kodak Easyshare Max Z990 Digital Camera Review

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Kodak Easyshare Max Z990 Digital Camera Review.

Buy this product here http://amzn.to/KodZ990

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Ari Xoxoxo says:

I want to get one and went online to offer up and this kids selling it fo 100 dollars but got one on Ebay for 40

hotrapmix says:

I got mine for $15 at a Pawn Shop.

adorabledolldesigns says:

I can't figure how to get the date stamp off. I found the manual but still can't figure the buttons to push. Can you help? Thanks.

Alden Chambers says:

How's the motion video like fast like dirt bikes and fast movement

Liz and Bails says:

is this good for vlogging?

John Wood says:

Hi – I have this camera and use it successfully for my ebay photos. The cable no longer works (unsure why) so I have been uploading photos from the card. Today some of the photos did not upload, but they are no longer on the card. I can see them on my camera in "review". I tried to "share" them, but have never done that before and couldn't figure it out. Not only that, but in messing around in the settings, somehow the language turned to German and now "language" cannot be selected. Help! Can everything be reset to factory default so I can start over? I can't find that in the user guide. Thank you.

MustyJason says:

does it have a mic output?

John Creedon says:

I've been using this camera since it first came out and have been very satisfied! Thanks for the great review.

Malach211 says:

I have this camera but didn't get the easyshare software and when i tried to download it from kodak its no longer supported so itried to get it downloaded else ware but only got virus downloads. Where can i get the easy share software safely? I kow not all features of easy share are useful but some are still able to be used if you have the software. Thanks This is a great camera for the money btw.

SuperAZXCVB says:

Now in January 2014 They released new 65x record OPTICAL zoom Kodak AZ651 and 52x AZ522 ( 1560mm and 1248mm, good aperture, full hd filming raw mode)

mjgg07 says:

Do you know of any plans for making Kodak cameras again?

mjgg07 says:

Awesome Kodak camera. Too bad they don't make them anymore.

pafloyd8 says:

Camera newbie. Would you know how to use "High Definition 0.45x Wide angle and 2x Telephoto Lens Kit Plus 3 Filters and Lens Adapter For Kodak Easy Share Max Z990 Camera" sold on Amazon?

Billy Bowles says:

Billy F Bowles
i have a kodak easyshare camer and and kodak on my computter that came with the camer i had it now for over 5 or 7 years all my camers have been kodak well sunday i went in to look at my pictures and could not get them to come up after ann hour of trying i called kodak help line after about 45 mins on the phone with them still no pictures to look at the girl on the phone told me i could buy a plan that would help me get my pictures 3 plans to pick from plan 1 cost 119.00 plan 2 cost 199.00 plan 3 cost 299.00 and all the FREE help i need to get to my pictures TAKEING FROM A KODAK CAMER AT THAT SOME BULLS= = = FROM KODAK PASS THIS ON PLSSSSSSS

hardeep singh says:

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karl chebator says:

Love mine. 190$ Everything one could ask for. Can't believe they aren't making anymore digital cameras.

Aish Shukla says:

can it take long exposure pictures?

Joshua Price says:

I have this camera its pretty good!

QuadroNVS says:

i have a Z5010 and it a good camera but this will be my next camera

nate b says:

Please help…i press display and it only shows "settings" and "date stamp" thingy

nate b says:


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