Kodak Easyshare M530 Point and shoot camera Unboxing and Review

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Issachar Aba says:

Hello just wanna ask you… how to save the data (Pics. & Vids.) from easyshare camera to you desktop computer using usb cable?

brit498 says:

@th19940305 thnx so much!

brit498 says:

does this camera have good quality video? and does the battery recharge?

shirley whitnell says:

would you say this camera is quite slim as i dont want a bulky camera

1986FordF-250 says:

@th19940305 Cool !

Penguinboy1995 says:

oh i hate those kinds of zoom buttons on cameras there so annoying

1986FordF-250 says:

That's a nice camera !

pimpinpenz says:

why are you opening it if it is for your mom?

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