Just 1 Issue Stops the Redmi Note 9 Pro Camera from being Great! – Camera Review

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In this video let’s take a close look at the optics on the Redmi Note 9 Pro – The Primary 48MP 2nd Generation Samsung Sensor – the ISOCELL GM2 and the 3 other sensors that Redmi’s gone with for both stills and videos.

We’ll also be taking a look at the software features that Redmi’s brought to the table with the Redmi Note 9 Pro this time and guys, there’s quite a few – now before we start do check out my current giveaways if you’ve not done it yet – http://bit.ly/C4Egiveaway

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C4ETech says:

What is most important feature of a mobile camera for you? Let me know in the comments guys 👇👇👇

Edit : it's Isocell not Isoell guys.. Sorry about the typo – been editing through the night and this one slipped through the cracks, hope you guys enjoy the rest of the video…

Atmadeep Mishra says:

Want the same thing done in Pro Max

Pranay dhande says:

Yes make a review for 9 pro max

Y o G e S h राजपूत says:

O angrej hindi m bhi bta de ,2500 vala lifetime spoken English vala course lekr jyada angreji jhad rha h👿

phoniex says:

Yeswe want comparison between note 9 pro and note9 pro max

Himanshu Saini says:

Do it with max

Silver Fox says:

I'm just starting out on YouTube, so I would really appreciate some support.

Duttatreya Dutta says:

Pro max vs rn6pro vs poco x2 cam comparison

Itss Timee says:

Nice camera like full frame

Aakash Varshney says:

Is there any update on Mi A4 release ??

n7eet says:

0:05 does RN9pro support Google pay? And how if it doesn't have NFC?

Anish K says:


Anish K says:

This price camera is better

Anjana Mishra says:

Now redmi note 8 pro at 13999 and note 9 pro at 12999, what sense does it make, its no upgrade to say

so called aesthetic says:

I'm thinking thats i am switching OnePlus 5 to note 9 pro! Is it good?

Akshay Sawant says:

Also give is ur cam review on redmi note 9 pro max

shahul hameed sadhiq says:

Bro make a video for redmi note 9 pro max

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