It's the BOSS! Sony Action Cam HDR-AS300 Unbox and Review

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Unbox and test of the Sony Action Cam HDR-AS300 with Balanced Optical SteadyShot (BOSS) OIS. The Sony AS300 is the cheaper non 4K version of the Sony FDR-X3000. Want one? USA: CANADA:

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Netcruzer RC TECH CARS says:

After using this camera for a few months I've come to a realization that we are likely one model generation away from my ideal action camera that can shoot 4K at 60fps wide angle with optical stabilization. I always shoot 1080 60fps now so I can do slo-mo for my RC action, but lust for 4K 60 so I can crop in and keep it crispy and smooth.

ExpertChess says:

What is the difference from AS200 versus AS300?

AnyName322 says:

i see no point getting the 4k version. considering most people are not able to see 4k anyways and just use 1080 max anyways.

Jay-R Rilles says:

Can anyone recommend a good microphone to connect to the AS300?

rad bike adventure says:

Thanks for the review! I'm in NZ right now and found one on sale for about $190 usd. temped to get that. Or could just got for the AS50 at a super cheap $130….Using it mainly for cycle tour vlogging. Wonder if the better stabilization and bigger sensor is worth the extra $$ . I already have a x3000 and LOVE it but don't want to spend that much for a secondary camera. (I have a GoPro 5 and the thing is so buggy it drives me nuts…plus I don't think the picture quality can compare w the Zeiss lens). I mainly shoot at 1080 anyway so hmmmm. Thanks again!

gearlock trinity says:

I wonder what low light in a room would be like

Savage 1776 says:

I just thought a GoPro Hero 5 session and a GoPro Hero 5 black and I hate both of them. Plus the app doesn't work I have this Sony FDR ax53 and I should have bought this because it was sync to my Sony camera and I can have picture in picture recording. I want to try and send both of these GoPros back. The problem is I bought them on eBay eBay has the worst return policy.

World's Worst Fishing says:

thank you for the review

БлагоДать says:

а по русски слабо? 🙂

Logic Seeker says:

Better than Gimmick Pro 7.

Engineered says:

Ok review but there's a couple of key features you have failed to mention so allow me to mention them.
The easily accessible rear door allows you to tether a small external battery like 5200 mAh and have continous recording up to approx 11 hours non stop predicated on sd card size.
The older 100 and 200 models had a small door on the bottom of the cam for the micro usb that was actually a better design wich they should have stuck with for this one.
Also you must mention the best part of the Sony ActionCams which is the embedded GPS.
With the Sony PlayMemories software you can have all the GPS data show on your videos. So if you are riding a bike, skiing, snowboarding or even driving you can display speed and distance on your vids. You do not need any external 3rd party software, it's all already there with the Sony. This alone convinced me to buy my Sony. If you're a skydiver then this is the camera for you.

vinniesdayoff says:

Good review. Will it run for a long time without overheating? Some cameras I have looked at will overheat after only ten to twenty minutes.

Keane Baclayo says:

Hey is it possible to vlog with this? I bought it with my rbc rewards points and idk if I took an L or not. THanks

MizzHoney says:

"Ahhh much better" lmao. Great video!

Luis Del Bosque says:

Does it comes with the helmet mounting accessories??

Kristina Bjärmyr says:

Haha the ending had me cracking up! Thanks for the review! 😊

Johnady Kurniawan says:

Do this camera has an NFC?

JosephShanks MrTmax says:

Right on! Solid review. You and I would get along just fine. RC cars, home theater, and action cams ha ha. I raced radio controlled cars for a good 20 years. I still have my Losi. 👌

Lee Cox says:

you say you never take out the battery out. but that was one of the biggest draws to me was being able to change batteries and film all day or multiple days for much cheaper then a gopro. you can get batteries off amazon for $5 a piece. so for $60 i have enough battery to film 24hrs straight. 4 64gb sd cards saves that much footage too. so i can film multi days trips in the wilderness and never miss a thing.

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