IT HAS A 3000MM ZOOM 😱Nikon P1000 Review by Georges Cameras

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Yep, you read that title correctly. Nikon Australia dropped by and gave us a Nikon P1000 to test out. Oh and did we mention it has a 28-3000mm zoom lens?
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Zach Wolf says:

I believe you will zoom the planets so I'm going to subscribe you

Zach Wolf says:

You really should show us the planets since you have p3000

Fabrice Steurer says:

Hey there. It would help to get the facts and advantages/disadvantages in a simply list and overview. Now I watch that and I still don't know, if I should buy it 🙂 Could you give me an advise if I should take the P900 or P1000 from Nikon or are there other same cameras from SONY, Panasonic, etc. for a lower price witch are better and recommanded? I want a good image quality, manual focus possibility, video isn't important (for that I take a Video Camera) and well a good possible zoom for makro close up picutres. Any tipp?

Anuran Goswami says:

Is it good for wildlife photography?

BeeBee's Funtastic Adventures says:

You are doing more talking than showing your viewers about the camera, too bad.

edward says:

Just talking, but so funny. Great sales guy !

DontLeaveMeLucile says:

ohh yeah i can just see myself wearing my sarcastic Christmas sweater pulling this bad boy out of my backpack on Christmas evening at the inlaws house & lining up with the women with their outdated gigantic SLRs. "Biiiig smile little timmy!"

Recon.777 says:

$1000 AU? Where? I'm not seeing it anywhere for less than 1400.

Joe Framo says:

Why would you want to walk with a camera so big so heavy when you could buy the Canon M50 and do so much more just because it's got a long zoom lens and everytime you look up at the Moon with it it goes out of focus in and out in and out in and out you got to be kidding it's a waste of $1,000

First Last says:

I got the p900 a few months ago and used it maybe 4 times. It was cool to be able to zoom so far into things, but the quality and features was pretty bad compared to my 7 year old DSLR, so now I'm trying to sell it.

Reyas Sangma says:

nice bro price

Abhishek Av says:


Cathrine White says:

Does it film in slow motion»??

Mustafa Nazif says:

3000mm zoom and you just did show nothing… funny

EQUILIFORCE - vivre naturellement plus heureux ! says:

Hello from France, Georges ! 👋
Thank you for this very interesting and complete video about the amazing P1000

COMBO says:

How heavy is it though?

stoke_moran says:

Seems like an improvement on what would have been the DL24-500.

popcorn param says:

plz shoot the moon

TRU MAN says:

Im sorry but it's just too big.
That's what she said!

TRU MAN says:

"It feels quite solid"
That's what she said!

TRU MAN says:

"The grip on it is amazing"
That's what she said!

TRU MAN says:

"It extends a ridiculous amount"
That's what she said!

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