Is The Sony A6000 Worth It In 2018?

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Here is my 2018 review of the Sony A6000, which i think is still one of the best budget friendly cameras for YouTube and film making to date. After the success of last years review, i decided to do a review this year. More on this beauty to come in the future!


And yes, before you all ask, this video was shot 100% on the A6000.

Those of you who want a camera in 2018 will no doubt have been researching the best one you can buy for a given price range.
Well, the Sony A600 might be your solution.

Although old, it still holds its own against various entry level Compact System Mirrorless cameras that are new to the market now.

So if your considering buying one in 2018, then enjoy the video, and hopefully you can make your mind up eventually 🙂

The Camera Guy

Here’s a link to the list I was showing you earlier in the video:

My Gear:




iPhone 7

Backup action cam



Phone thing
crap one


Drone Stuff-




Useful Misc-

Gopro Mic

Macro cheap

Use go pro on Camera

Rucksack for everything

Internal Mic Fluffy things



Hawksby1 says:

Nice review

Enzo James says:

You talk a lot nonsense,that’s why don’t have enough subscribers

Garry Johal says:

If you were mainly shooting video, would you recommend this?

danny parker says:

This or a canon t7i? In the market for an upgrade from my $250 powershot lol

LATIF production learning says:

hi great review i see your old review and
i need to shoot small subjects like gift boxes shooting products , so did you think its give sharp picture ??

Fire Trucker says:


rahul bannai says:

Is it worth to buy now in 2019?

Michael Clarke says:

Sorry, the WIX commercial is way too long- I gave up waiting for your review!!!

Ivonne Perez says:

what is a good lens for aperture for the sony a6000?

Vipin Gujela says:

Visit my channel

Vipin Gujela says:

Which one should i take for vlogging g7x mark 2 or sony a6000 plz tell me bro

Empty Jar says:

Bought this thing without reviewing anything for it until now [3yrs later] since purchase (2016). IT'S PHENOMENAL! imo

Sam Jones says:

Just purchased for £369 brand new with kit lens! Really excited!!


Canon 80d or sony a6000 ?

Tom Wright says:

A6000 or XT-100? Please help buying first setup for barbering portrait photography?

David Marion says:

nice review, I think I'll buy one. thanks!

Dante Flores says:

Its even better now. Im about to buy one later today for 500 with the kit lens

Ryan Meadows says:

i didn’t watch the video… but- 100%.
it is great for enthusiasts, and anyone else getting into interchangeable lens cams or wanting great IQ in a small package. also makes a great second/back-up body for working photographers on a budget, even pros, too.

you’re not getting any noticeable difference in image quality by using the a6500 over this camera – just extra (minute, imo) features any decent photographer can live without.

in 2019, i’ll most likely be using an a7 III, and my a6000 for 95% of my work.

Nestor Garcia says:

Gracias por el Consejo

Nameless says:

I love night photography. How would you rate this? I want a good night shooter.

Sushan Baruwal says:

How to order this camera in japan?

Muhammed Shabeeb says:

Sony is cute design… I love this very much… My dream is own a sony a6000……[in sha allah]

reviewign says:

Did you use the lens that comes with the camera for this video?

Danny Dam says:

Great review
I own a Sony a6000
I mainly shoot still photos and no videos. Do you think it's worth to upgrade to the a6500?

Alfa Grace Coranez says:

I just bought A6000 today and saw this video. Awesome!

Jorgiestayfly says:

Is this camera worth buying if you have an iPhone X? If so, why?

Lulu B says:

A600 used for $350 is it a good price? I need help!

Jessica Bricker says:

How do you think this would do as a secondary camera?
I have a d750 and I want something a bit smaller. I’m not a beginner just broke.

Dean Mellor says:

Thinking of buying one of these as a complete beginner camera. I want it for mainly just capturing stills and learning how to take decent photos. I don't need 4k video. Is it still worth buying at the end of 2018? Or is there something newer worth looking at. How does this compare to the Fuji xt100 which is newer and similarly priced?

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