Is the Sony A5100 Worth Buying in 2018?

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Is the Sony A5100 WORTH IT IN MID 2018? Today we’re going to continue our camera search and check out the 4 year old A5100. This camera has the rare Sony feature of having a flip out screen. We all want it but the newer Sony cameras apparently refuse to have the coveted flip out screen. So lets check out the last of the flip screened Sonys!

Sony A5100

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shabbir family says:

Brush your teeth

Megan's Music says:

This was SO helpful, thank you!

Saint Uchiha says:

Don't do drugs kids

Sofia Costales says:

I have this right now. Irreplaceable.

Motivated 28 says:

I can't figure out the audio… I was told there was no need for a body microphone but the audio wihtout one sounds horrible.

Ayhan Çapan says:

I love my a6000. And this camera is pretty close to mine, Btw, if you buy this camera, i recommend to have a sigma lens on it such as 30mm f1.4.
And thanks for this great elaborate review…

Milind Babar says:

Can it record slow motion?

Manisha H says:

Loved this vid it was really helpful for me! The cam does zoom in and out right?

Yoga Tying says:

Is this just for video???

Dad's Den says:

What's up? New to the channel. I have the 5100 and absolutely still use it in 2018. Such an amazing price and still a solid camera.

Olivia Lee says:

I found the Sony A5100 on eBay for 35 dollars in the box never opened.

Crazy Horsea says:

Does it have silent shooting mode?

ivan ponce says:

you know whats worth buying.. Colgate White Strips..

Aarav sharma says:

It seems like y r impressed by flipscreen only

Darius Istrate says:

Can you make a video with settings for vlogging
I have a Sony Alpha 5100

daiseree delacruz says:

Which one is better canon eos m100 or Sony a5100

bloo jkl45 says:

could you do this for the sony A6000

Prathap Raj says:

Good one 👌🤩

James Balagtas says:

Yes you can, i even made a custom key useing the left dial to toggle manula at AF on and off. I use it to create manula focus pull or auto focus pull by setting the focus manual, de focusing the lens and woth a single click, return it it autofocus and it creates a smooth pull focus without touching the lens.

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