iPhone XS Max vs Sony A7iii Photo Comparison – I’m SHOCKED 😲

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Comparing the XS Max to my A7iii was shocking! 
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I compared Apples new iPhone XS Max to my Sony A7iii with two nice lenses to see how the new Smart HDR mode and portrait blur settings compared. After a series of images I was honestly really surprised and shocked by how well the iPhone XS Max performed. I was not expecting this much of an upgrade since I mainly upgraded to get a larger display but WOW am I surprised by how well the iPhone kept up with my Sony A73. Let me know your thoughts in the description!

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Max Tech says:

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Sprite says:

B is the iPhone

Oleg Vorkunov says:

When I see pictures (I do not call them photos) from iPhone, I want to puke. It seams like poor photoshop job all the time.

Jimy Uuik says:

That's like comparing a bobby car to a porsche Carrera 4S

Dr. Amorphous says:

I'm not SHOCKED because I picked the sony camera most of the times… iPhone does some skin smoothing which was clearly evident. Daylight photos were similar… Night was what made the difference.

Sylwester Woś says:

Nice joke. 🙂

黃釋賢 says:

In one day, iPhone will cover all eclectic products

NEW A.. says:

Do u shoot raw

Onur Şentürk says:

I do not really understand why do people keep comparing oranges with apples! A “phone” can never ever beat an above average DSLR!

NefNaf says:

I was 2 times wrong.

Clorex Bleach says:

I'm impressed! With a lot of light, the iPhone performes cormparably to the A7iii however whenever you need bokeh or they available light only drops ever so slightly, the iPhone picture falls apart very severely to the point of just useless, can't print or frame those images!. However, it should be perfect for social media and look stunning!

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