iPhone XS Max vs. Note 10 Plus camera comparison

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Samsung’s new Note 10 Plus has four sensors on the back of the phone and some fancy new tricks — can last year’s iPhone XS Max keep up?

CORRECTION: The Note 10 Plus is incorrectly labeled as the Note 10

You can buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus at Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2ly2IRO
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John Wilmington says:

iPhone video is more stabilised than Samsung.

Ken Roman says:

I am surprised as many of the samsung look like you need to clean the lense..

WD Fourty says:

Note 10+ all day.
iPhones will continue to rehash the same old, tired designs year after year… Nothin innovative anymore from Apple.

Viv Sharfman says:

Impressed with npte – camera appears far superior to apple. how does Chinese photo using huwaiwe compare

ICUP says:

I think I’m putting my iPhone in the bin 🤦🏼‍♂️

MoiMoii HmaR1996 says:

iPhone xs max 😍😍😍😱😱😍😍😍

Bankhead 1 says:

CNET just stop!
This is cringe to say the least..like your grandma explaining how she uses her phone..lol

Michael Morris says:


Osagie Obasuyi says:

She is not partial about hyping iPhone, unlike some isheep that get paid for doing everything they can to promote the iPhone and degrade other android phones.

Fayas Mhd says:

Samsung is best alwYs… iphne is wasteeee

Zwivhuya Muthathi says:

The shot in 6:03 looks more pleasing on the iphone. The note even blurred out the object in the right bottom corner🤔

Sandeep singh Panwar says:

Samsung 😍😍

Smart Humanism says:

iPhone is for sentiment. Note is for features. Aren't they?

Watchgamesnewstv says:

Thanks for making this video 🙂 This shows i don`t need a new phone for foto or video`s 😉

Sunil Patil says:

In another year or two all the top end phones will have same camera performance I guess

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