iPhone XS Max vs Leica Q2 vs Canon EOS-R. Crazy Comparison!

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JUST FOR FUN! I take a Leica Q2 in 35mm crop mode, a Canon EOS-R with 35 f1.8 RF and an iPhone XS Max and snap a few shots to see what we can expect in the way of differences. Just a quick, fun video. Nothing more or less!


R Granata says:

In my humble opinion when you use an iPhone or any phone base camera for that matter you reduce yourself to a walking pointing device. You surrender the photographic process to an algorithm and of story.

Thor ODT says:

on Canon it seems too blurry, did you shot in RAW ?

Sovereign Media says:

You remind me of Freddy Krueger! 😳

Ian Brown says:

Nice vlog. My most memorable images are those I have taken with my camera. Yes they are candid but probably more valuable than those taken with a Sony a7rIII. That said just got my Q2 and I think I am in love!!!!

Jorge Baez says:

My Pixel 3XL replaced my Fuji X-T3 for walk around shots and I will have to say it does quit well. I do have my Sony A7 III for more serious photography though.

kaputtislamisiert says:

This is serious.

Gustavo Ulloa says:

Leica Q2 looks two time better than Canon EOS R…

Brian Davies says:

…. and for some it's Pentax.

Larry Zapata says:

Are you reviewing the voigtlander 50mm 1.2 anytime soon?

chrissopho says:

Thanks for this interesting comparison. Photos coming out of smartphones tend to be overly sharp these days. I am a Nikon fan but the amount of detail you get out of that Leica is crazy! I guess that 47mp sensor and the Leica lens is a dream combination. I am a bit skeptical about the digital zoom but other than that it looks like a great quality camera.

Juan Lopez says:

This wasn't a crazy trial it was an actual usage experience for a premium product, neither is cheap or aim a low budget market. Thank you

RS says:

Since the quality is so close , I am willing to swap my phone for your Q2 😉

NETVO TV says:

Can you shoot the moon with Q2 and zoom it and let us see how much details it can get?

JP Smith says:

Interesting…. Quick question if you have a moment… Were they all metering the same? What is the native metering mode on the Q2?

I only ask because I'm curious about how each of the three sensors were reading each scene.

Appreciate your time. Thank you for the great videos as always

Bryan Campbell says:

Would be curious to see how the Ricoh GR III compares as well

Robert says:

Crop factor effects F stop. You get more bokeh on the canon 35mm FF F1.8 compared to the Leica F1.7 cropped. The Leica looks like F2 when cropped to 35mm

N Duong says:

Love your photos and your humility. I cant wait for your Q2 review which is my deciding factor in buying decisions. 😊😁

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