iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy S10 Plus camera comparison

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Which of these giants takes the best photos and video? We tested out the cameras on both phones to find out.

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Parsa Mashalchian says:

S10 plus`s camera is outstanding

Marcio Ferreira says:

I just bought an S10, but I have to say that I really enjoy Iphone's camera. I don't know, all low light shots I am taking with the S10 look yellow and strange. I think I might be buying XS back and return it just because of the cameras.

Sam Pomare says:

S10 for photos and low light shots.
iPhone for Video and Portrait modes.

Both are amazing cameras.

Sandro Rayis says:

The S10 is built in Korea now not in China like iPhone

Parker Gaming says:


Malkiat Singh says:

Samsung is always good

maykel bermudez says:

Hey listen … don’t matter what phone 📱 you get , each one of this will deliver good results, be happy that you have an option to choose from , and whatever you wind up getting you will be satisfied ✌🏽😎

Luis david Serrano gonzalez says:

I unsubscribed this shit fake
All iphone pictures are edited 🤢

BogZ says:

has a night mode? what?

Tim F says:

Nice information

jersey Mcgee says:

I have an S9 and the camera sucks.

Gergo Viczian says:

I can't see why would anyone get an iPhone in 2019

Connor H says:

The S10 is better

Miguel says:

720p doesn’t stand for pixels

Steve Hoss says:

S10+ looks better across the board

Aria Seraj says:

The only problem with Samsung phones are that they don't retain their value after sale as much as Apple's iPhone does, also quickly they drop in price which i guess it is good for people who are looking to buy them… but bad for people who have got them at lunch at peak price.

Tim Custer says:

I love my iPhone XS Max over Samsung

Samsung has the worst screen burn ins no thanks

Vedraj r.m says:

You have big hands
It might be little hard to use for people with small hands

Emad Ahmed says:

S10+ is better in pretty much everything aside from rear cam portrait shots and also panoramas.

Nowhere Man says:

The XS max I way better m, and the oic looks exactly the same from screen to screen.

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