iPhone XS Max Camera Review | Photographer's Perspective W/ Sam Elkins

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Meeting up and shooting with one of the best photographers on the new iPhone XS Max

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Moment says:

Sam already upgraded…

Derek Quinones says:

I just got a xs max 256gb brand new almost for 350 only few weeks old still has a warranty good phone in my opinion!!

Prince Erick says:

LA For Life ❤️❤️

B'ONE says:

Wow his voice 😱 😍

Terry Breedlove says:

Was going to keep my 7 plus for another year but I dropped it in the river and it disappeared. So I have the XS Max with 256 memory on the way. Can’t wait to see the photo and 4K quality

MuMien Gaming says:

you just got a new subs from me
love this video keep it up!!!!

Jordan Julian Chase says:

One crazy ass looking mf. Awesome review. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Mark M. Akers says:

Getting one In May 2019, just for the camera.

Aron Da Kid says:

I don’t understand what “Sam” is saying.

Stimson Romano says:

Great review…thanks guys

kwaaba_ says:

Wait it's that guy from Mango street

Xid Torres says:

Still watching on March 2019😃

Pablo Navarro says:

One shot each time Samuel Elkins says "like".

Troy Hatton says:

I have a Google Pixel 3 and an iPhone XS and the XS camera is a major let down to me. Portrait Mode on the Pixel is so much better. The detail retained on low light is way better and most pictures with people look over softened and they appear to have excess grain. Hoping Apple catches up with the iPhone 11.

Саша Макаренко says:

I love this phone though very easy to use, really cool features, and>>>ur2.pl/1256 the camera is TO DIE FOR. I really like not having a home button, it actually makes it easier and works really fast.

Newton Boateng says:

Have been waiting for your video

Yea Boiii says:

I just got the XS max after having the 6 for a while and I’m blown away lol

Aleksandar be together not the same says:

Foxconn will invest $356 million in expanding the product line to meet the orders by Apple so much from bilion company 🤣

RAYD TV says:


ImNovaツ says:

Who else watching on there xs max

Nelson Martinez says:

Anyone know the song in the intro?

Sharice Bryant says:

You have a super strong arm if you vlogged this on a c200 for real lol. Great vid. The camera is really all i care abt with the XS max so I’m glad i ordered it lol

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