iPhone XS In-Depth Camera Review! "Smart HDR" is LEGIT

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The new iPhone XS has both surprised and impressed me with it’s new camera. It’s far from perfect, and even some of the photos/videos you see in this video, are “compressed” many times over, so keep this in mind, but my favorites are the 4K 60 FPS, or slow-motion of 240 FPS at 1080p. The OIS (optical image stabilization) does a nice job as well, and of course the new “Smart HDR” is actually pretty incredible in both photos and video. I also appreciate the “Bokeh” slider to dial down the background blur on Portrait shots.

What do YOU think of the iPhone XS camera? Let me know!

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4K B-roll cam (RX100V): https://amzn.to/2NFDSNd
Side-by-side camera mount: https://amzn.to/2IbzS0K
Selfie stick: https://amzn.to/2zsaIZj + tripod legs: https://amzn.to/2zrUHT9

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Thanks so much for watching! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

You think the new iPhone XS camera is any good??

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César Bnn says:

hello, how to activate hdr for video for XS? and can do 1080 60 fps in HDR?

Gary Flatman says:

steerio sound? lol

rajesh kumar says:

is ther slow Motion available in the front camera of iphone xs

lacroatavenadense says:

I have an Iphone XS but when I make a video while walking I dont where I have to click to have STABILIZATION …. can you explain to me?? Thank you


No one's with apple's camera..its a king of all phones..🔥🔥🔥🔥

leo dominguez says:

If smart hdr is activated is it the same as going to the camera and clicking hdr when it’s off? Or is clicking it regular hdr ?Because I’d rather have it off but still be able to use smart hdr sometimes

BkzReaper says:

What camera did you use to record the beginning? It looked better than any phone camera

Reggie MCH says:

Can the Xs shoot Videos in 4k HDR.?

Your Tube says:

where is this place ?

Big World of Toys says:

Great watch! Thumbs

Tanner John Films says:

Okay chill Peter…

José Luis says:

Por favor alguien que me explique lo de la grabación de video en HDR 4K a 24fps del Xs??

Jay Dub says:

Were you able to test video of the Xs using a smartphone gimbal? My iPhone X has a small issue with the stabilization inside the phone camera fighting the gimbal stabilization. I was just wondering if it was any better with Xs

Jose Olvera says:

I’m so in love with the iPhone XS especially after seeing this vid. Thanks for showing us this

Kaylee Hudson says:

No shade, but all you guys need to stop complaining about the price of it. In New Zealand it costs over 2000$$$

Ian Grogan says:

Anyone else see the weird white balance shifts happening around 2:50 ? Or was that just me?

Ain'tMyself says:

This is such a massive difference from the X. It's awesome.

Ain'tMyself says:

No phone comes close.

Ginja NingerMan says:

If you really liked coffee you would hand grind it in a wood grinder.

Steve K. says:

You even admire lens flares too? 🤣😆😂

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