iPhone Xr vs Pocophone F1 Camera Comparison

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Fruitarian says:

Iphone.xr is way much better and.cheaper

Eduardson de Guzman says:

The end of this video is confusing to me.

If this is for camera comparison only, XR is the clear winner.

If you’re comparing XR and Poco in general, then that’s the time you should consider the price.

Grex says:

Use the Gcam and do the comparison again

Gifford Esber Jr. says:

We want kim valle back 😭

Randy T says:

Title: camera comparison
Content: more positives for XR
Conclusion: tie…because of the price

🤔 Shouldn't have titled it camera and price comparison?

Dina Pugoy says:

XR or an empty wallet? You choose.


Why always comparing the pocophone to a real flagship?? For me here, the clear winner is the real flagship

Allen The Great says:

Now install Camera 2 API and GCAm app on POCO.

Kayleen Vinuya says:

Well you can't watch 1080p resolution on iphone XR..

Kayleen Vinuya says:

Watching on my Pocophone f1…if you want a better camera..just install gcam apk..

Richard Mendoza says:

Para sa price ng iphone xr worth 50K or up bibili na lang ako ng high end dslr kesa sa iphone xr,.mas prefer ko pa rin ang pocophone f1. Mas malaki matitipid kong pera kesa sa iphone xr.

Elite Zapper says:

Waiting for f2, probably the best budget phone in 2019, if xiaomi could improve their camera, f2 would be the best phone of 2019.

Hector Russel John Angeles Dumape says:

I will go to the iphone xr .. love that coral

ʀємɛмвєя ʍe says:

Why xiaomi redmi s2 doesnt have a f?,only 16,i go for a3s lol

Fernando Jose Pablo says:

Redmi note 7 unboxing and review plss

John Mohamed says:

0:56 wow f1.2 just like canon 50mm f1.2 so funnyyy


Next iphone XR vs huawei nova 3i

Abhishek kaparthy says:

Use pixel 3 gcam and do the comparison!! It has hdr+ in the gcam which improves dynamic range,deatils and sharper photos!!!

jheng nazal says:

We not talke about the quantity we are for the quality. If you have a great job n u can afford a iphone ho for it. If u just have a budget money go for oppo n vivo huawei . The camera is the important part of the phone .

jheng nazal says:

Obviously focophone is a worse camera

Lui De Guzman says:

What about low light?

Ryle 16 says:

Yeah if you want some iPhone
Go sell your kidneys 🤣
Just kidding luv u guys😘😍

meil joseph longakit says:

Xr has a better dynamic range. Better in everything.

Ic_ mndrgn says:

Notiiificaaationn ssqqquaaddd!!

Santo Diablo says:

Hi handsome

Average Internet Surfer says:

NOTIF!!!! SKWAD!!!!!!!

kris jericho buenabiles says:

Notification Squad ops 😂🤣😍❤️ PocoBeast ❤️💕

JPLR Rarama says:

I love your videos guys 😘😍😍
Yuga tech number 1.

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